Jason Phillips goes from Hiring a Coach to Being a Coach

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Jason Phillips, the Master Coach, has witnessed a venturesome journey to become who he is today. His optimism and confidence today in the market have had a history of pain and anxiety. At the young age of 19, he had to pick up the battle with his eating disorder. He suffered from anorexia, which significantly affected his daily functioning. His cognitive distortions played with his health and harmony. However, he knew that he couldn’t surrender himself to this vicious disorder, and hence he decided to hire a coach who could train him to combat this gruesome phase. This was the first step for Jason Phillips that opened his doors for success. The impact amused him that a coach can hold on to one’s life and the number of opportunities that open up with a clean mind. He knew what his next step was.

After overcoming his anorexia, he knew that nothing was impossible. He wanted to be the next beacon of hope to people who felt the world had ended for them. He changed his majors and pursued Exercise Science with a concentration in Fitness and Nutrition from Florida State University. Not only did he pursue this course, but also extensively trained himself to be the Coach – a guiding light to all the people who feel stuck in the dark. A success story is incomplete without the tough times. He believes that he is someone who has seen the most amount of failures on this planet, but what set him apart was his mindset. He looked upon failures with excitement to learn something from them. He had this notion that one does not fail until one quits, so he moved ahead with an exuberant attitude and fought his failures with a smile on his face.

His passion for helping and connecting with people was remarkable, which set him to build his coaching space, where he certified 6000 coaches and created more than 20 millionaires. As a Strategic Advisor, he has supported myriads to scale their businesses and generate an income they barely envisaged. Jason Phillips is also the owner of Nutritional Coaching Institute, as he knows the value of the right food application for the right health. His expertise in this field is spectacular, and he has served many lives to move ahead to a more healthy and fit lifestyle.

His word of wisdom for people is to stay grounded and be truthful, as it is one of the hardest things to accomplish. He advises three things to people, “there is never a good time, you are never gonna have enough knowledge, and winning and losing are the two sides of life.” He values people and respects life. He believes that it is we who carve our own lives, and it is we who have the absolute power to make the most out of it. He was not born with a silver spoon in his mouth; he had to create an empire all by himself. It is his moment of pride today to flourish as a self-made man. Jason Phillips has built his success and we wish him all the luck in his future endeavours.

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