Jamie Wolf and Angela Little: Creating a Surprising Vehicle That Takes You To Freedom Faster

You invest hours of your life in your business every year. Why? Not just to build the best product or deliver the best service, not just to give employees a paycheck attached to meaningful work, and not just to survive. You are in business, with a desire and determination to sell more to achieve more profit, ultimately to realize financial independence and the freedom that independence brings. 

The real reason you work so hard to build a business is in response to a deep yearning to provide freedom for yourself and your family – freedom to live where you want, send your kids to the schools of your choice or homeschool them, freedom to afford the best healthcare, freedom to support the causes you believe in, and freedom to provide a generational legacy. 

Because your business matters, you invest in multiple ways to attract attention – advertising, PR, marketing, distribution, and sales; no one tool does it all. One vehicle that delivers you to your desired destination quickly is a book that shares your story, that builds a relationship with your prospect, letting them get to know you, what you stand for, and what your business offers as a solution for them. A strategic book serves as a distribution platform, a lead generator, and an authority and credibility builder. But who has time to write or promote a book when you are running a business?

If one person writes a book, their following, plus a few extra stragglers that happen to find it, will read it. But if 10 people co-write a strategic book, that makes for 10x the visibility for each coauthor without any extra effort on any one person’s part. Plus it allows each author to serve their existing audience tenfold with multiple additional inspirational examples, offering hope and belief, benefitting all audiences. Co-authoring is a surprising and often overlooked twist to an old-fashioned tool used by all the successful influencers. 

Working with entrepreneurs to get them published in a best-selling anthology creates a multiplier effect for distribution where each contributor edifies and elevates the others. And because becoming a best-selling author is now vital to getting verified on IG and other social media platforms, why not be efficient with the process? It just makes sense to achieve the goal with one-tenth the effort and time investment.

Two lovely people who are focused not only on publishing, marketing, and monetizing co-written books, but also on personal and business development – Jamie Wolf and Angela Little – are the founders of Million Dollar Story Agency

This duo teamed up recently to develop a template for industry leaders to partner up and become Wall Street Journal and USA Today best-selling published co-authors. Their system creates ‘partnership marketing’ for heavy hitters and high-influence thought leaders, skyrocketing them to authoritative positions in their niche. By becoming a published author in an anthology, Little and Wolf’s clients become seen as go-to experts and valued targets for speaking opportunity invitations.

About Angela Little

Little, an NLP Coach, business marketing specialist, dedicated mother, and former-fitness connoisseur and model, is passionate about helping others define and live their mission and purpose. She joined up with Wolf in 2021 to provide support, but the two were already fast friends before their business partnership was born.

Little focuses on enhancing, growing, and cultivating confidence, good habits, and physical and mental health for Million Dollars Mastermind clientele. As a serial entrepreneur and business owner, she brings a well-rounded set of expertise to the table.

Little also has children with additional needs – which they lovingly refer to as Super Powers in her house.  She shares this aspect of her journey openly to inspire other parents in kindred situations. She believes that everything happens for a reason. Being your own advocate by diligently working on your mental and physical health are what help you make the best of everything in your life.

Little’s favorite word currently is ‘epic’, and she loves working with epic CEOs, business owners, entrepreneurial spirits, high-influencers, movers and shakers, and other various mark-makers.

“We are looking for driven visionaries ready to make a bold move that will firmly establish them as the go-to expert in their space,” she said. “We want to skyrocket their credibility, authority and distribute their solutions to a significantly broader audience!”

About Jamie Wolf

Wolf, who calls herself an ‘accidental entrepreneur,’ started Million Dollar Story Agency by herself in 2018. But before her current venture, she had a bit of a wild ride.

Inspired by her daughter’s needs, Wolf – who has an MBA – left the corporate world to co-found a disease-management and medical device company to help her daughter and others successfully manage their diabetes. However, in a not uncommon occurrence in the start-up world, her co-founder husband divorced her and fired her from their company not many years later.

It was an event that caused her to pivot, something almost everyone has to do at least once. It’s how you respond to these pivotal events in life and business that lead to the inspirational stories she and Little now help other leaders share. Wolf created a podcast around this time called ‘Million Dollar PIVOT’ where she interviews business pros about their struggles and triumphs.

Because Wolf had been bitten hard by the entrepreneurial bug in her first venture, returning to a job was no longer in the cards. She went to work in a variety of consulting positions, working with tech startups and funding entities. Those experiences led her to write her first books, and that led her to learning the true ROI from a book does NOT come from book sales! A book must support your business goal so it leads to freedom. It should be viewed as a vehicle that increases your authority, exposes exponentially more people to what you sell, and shares your story in such a way that builds trust, overcomes objections, and shortens your conversion costs and time. 

“I want to empower people,” said Wolf. “I want them to feel like they aren’t alone when they first set out to make money on a grand new idea that brings something new and special to the world. Learning from, teaming up with, and helping others are all integral parts of business that before the Great Resignation, not many people talked about publicly. I am here to say that being your own boss is a vote for your freedom, and all that is required for success is taking action, seeking help, and not giving up.”

Wolf wants to use Million Dollar Story Agency to shift the focus from writing and publishing a book as an end in itself to participating in a co-authored business book as one tool, a vehicle, that transports you to your ultimate destination, one of business success, profit, independence, and freedom.

Million Dollar Story Agency helps business owners, CEOs, entrepreneurs, and forward thinkers strategically write, publish, market, and monetize multi-authored books so you accomplish your goals with one-tenth the time and effort while 10xing your audience reach, visibility, authority, and revenue. 

About Jamie Wolf and Angela Little

Jamie Wolf and Angela Little founded Million Dollar Story to help experts become authors. They offer various levels of coaching packages depending on the amount of time, assistance, and teaching needed. To find out more about how they can turn your expertise and ideas into a bestselling book, visit www.milliondollarstory.co 

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