James William Awad shares his side of the story on the Sunwing controversy

Imagine being a successful musician with a million Instagram followers and achieving a lifelong dream of having a private club of VIPs. This is the reality for James William Awad, aka Senior Musician. While he had nothing but the best intentions of flying a group of influencers and reality TV figures out of cold Montreal to sunny Cancun for a New Year’s weekend, things went south in more ways than he could imagine.

You have probably seen recent press bashing the “irresponsible group of maskless partiers drinking and vaping.” Well, here is a twist. One of the requirements to board the plane and fly out was that everyone have a negative COVID test. Well, everyone came up fine and realizing this was a VIP group, the Sunwing crew encouraged them to indulge, consume alcohol and let the passengers enjoy themselves on the 5-hour flight, even getting down with the dancing!

When the pics of the group having a good time emerged, Sunwing took on a whole new attitude. Awad agreed to a comprehensive list of stringent requirements to fly back to Canada from Cancun. The same airline that initially agreed to and encouraged them to have fun pulled a complete u-turn and accused them of disrupting rules. Rather than landing the flight, which was over land the whole time, Sunwing canceled Awad and his colleague’s return flight, stranding them on baseless allegations.

So even after agreeing to strict regulations like masks on at all times, no alcohol, and 3 extra security personnel at his own expense, Awad and his party are stranded in Cancun because the airline initially allowed them to have fun and then deported them for no fault of theirs. Ask yourself-was this an unreasonable concern? And should it have prompted Sunwing to cancel the return flight?

Now that the world has a clearer picture of what is really going on, it might be time to reevaluate who is really on the wrong side of this situation.

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