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James Watts is a well-known mentor and founder of The Forex Hub. He is a young Forex trader who specializes in helping individuals find success in their business ventures.

Utilizing his experience, learning, and growth, James guides his students on how to tackle the highs and lows of businesses. He has the experience of single-handedly tackling the struggles in Forex trading and uses it to the benefit of his students. He specializes in devising techniques that serve as perfect ingredients to success in the Forex market. 

James developed an interest in Forex trading after failing a couple of startups. He did not have access to informative resources, so he gathered the best trading techniques from his ongoing venture. 

His new methods of succeeding in Forex trading did not go unnoticed, and he soon began training people with the best trading practices through The Forex Hub. As a result of the success of his students, James made a mark in the Forex trading industry by reducing the chances of people giving up in Forex trading.

Through his company, The Forex Hub, James began increasing awareness to make sure his students do not fall prey to downfalls and meditate before making an impactful decision. He was successful with these new ideas that other Forex traders had not tried and became a source of credible information for those keen to learn and succeed.

After James discovered that every 8/10 people give up too soon in their business ventures, he spent hours figuring out the core reasons. James looked for himself as to what works the best in Forex trading and with his extraordinarily intelligent mind derived strategies and techniques playing key to success.  As James became more immersed in the industry, he founded The Forex Hub with an emphasis on trading knowledge that many traders lacked.

James Watts has a special place in his heart for people suffering from financial instability, so he does plenty of business consulting to help them become financially stable. James suffered from financial constraints himself, so he knows what living an underprivileged life feels like. James’s goal is to help them start, run, and eventually succeed in the business world without having to risk their savings and fear losses. 

This young idealist Forex trader is extremely humbled that he has become an inspiration to potential entrepreneurs and gives the credit of his achievements to his mother as she has always supported him in his aspiration to make his career a success.

James has earned massive respect and praise for The Forex Hub initiative and is praised by his students who have been becoming trading experts. While he had to sacrifice his initial start-ups to kick-start his career in Forex trading, James never gave up his dream of success and accomplished it within five years of struggle and hard work.

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