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James Parry may just be a 20-something, but he has achieved more already than many will in their lifetimes. After running through over 20 jobs between ages 16 and 23, he realized being his own boss was the only way he would feel fulfilled and become successful. It turns out that he was right. Today, Jay is a seven-figure dropshipping entrepreneur who has been thriving throughout lockdown, as countless other businesses have been faltering and failing.

The reason why so many businesses are struggling today is due to the fact that they rely on physical foot traffic to their locations. This is dangerous because if something bars people from getting to those locations, they do not make any money. This is why online shopping has exploded in 2020. With lockdowns in place, people had no choice but to shop online for their favorite non-essential products. This ended up being highly lucrative for people like Jay, who runs several dropshipping stores.

Jay first learned everything there was to know about social media marketing. He used that knowledge to first help other entrepreneurs grow their audiences on Instagram. After that, he dived into dropshipping and used Instagram as the way to send traffic to his store. From there, the rest was easy. He had products he knew would sell well, and sell they did.

For a business to both survive and thrive during lockdown requires determination, flexibility, and ingenuity. Jay mastered the craft of engaging copy, which he used to entice people on social media to head over to his store. With the dropshipping arena becoming increasingly crowded, there is a need to differentiate yourself from your competitors.

Jay isn’t your average entrepreneur. He has been putting himself out there and helping other aspiring entrepreneurs get started on their own paths to financial freedom. He first starting helping others through a YouTube channel he ran. This led to him mentoring over 100 people on how to become successful dropshippers. To date, some of these entrepreneurs ended up bringing in six figures annually, while his good friend Bailey Knight raked in an impressive seven figures since lockdown began.

As someone who enjoys giving back, Jay has been helping countless people unlock their own financial freedom. He feels that while money isn’t everything, it can help solve a lot of problems. What is also important is having friends and family in your life who can be there to support you on your journey.

Jay has always been someone who has wanted to help out his friends and family as much as possible, thereby making life easier for them. This is exactly what he has been doing, and he has no plans of stopping anytime soon. Thriving during lockdown has demonstrated that Jay knows what he’s doing, which is why he is someone that aspiring entrepreneurs can turn to for advice.

To keep up with the latest from Jay, as well as get a regular dose of inspiration from this successful entrepreneur, head over to his Instagram page @Jaye.

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