James Madison University Studies CBD Oil For Menstrual Cramps

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CBD shows great promise for various chronic pain issues, but the research into specific conditions remains relatively low. For instance, women often claim CBD oil helps with menstruation-related pain. However, there’s not much scientific evidence that CBD effectively treats menstrual cramps.

Recently, researchers at James Madison University teamed up with the company Canopy Growth to better understand how CBD affects women with this common painful condition. According to the latest reports, CBD may have many all-natural benefits for female patients.

Does CBD Oil Really Help With Menstruation Pain?

Scientists at James Madison University and Canopy Growth recently revealed data from a six-month study examining CBD for menstrual cramps. In this trial, 40 female patients with medically-diagnosed menstrual pain were given one of two CBD supplements.

The first group received hemp extracts with 160 mg of CBD per serving while the other group took 320 mg of CBD. Doctors told each participant to split their dose in half and take it every day for five days after experiencing menstrual pain.

According to the survey’s findings, CBD oil positively impacted both physiological and psychological pain. Researchers also said that the women who took 320 mg of CBD per day reported less emotional stress than those in the 160 mg group.

Overall, professors involved in this trial claimed CBD has the potential to manage menstrual cramp pain. Although there need to be more tests to confirm these findings, researchers are hopeful hemp extract could offer patients an alternative pain management tool.

So, Is CBD Better Than Regular Pain Relievers?

It’s still too early to say CBD is “better” than standard pain relievers for menstrual cramps. Every patient’s situation is slightly different, and not everyone reacts to CBD in the same way. Although there’s increasing evidence that CBD works for menstruation-related pain, it may not be the right supplement for every patient.

However, we can say that CBD has significant anti-inflammatory and anti-anxiety effects. Many high-profile studies at the University of Kentucky, Cornell, and Kyoto University suggest that taking CBD externally or internally helps reduce inflammation and psychological stress. These features may influence CBD’s success rate with women who experience menstrual cramps.

Although CBD shows great potential for many pain-related symptoms, customers need to speak with their doctor to understand the best treatment strategy. If you’re already taking medications for a condition like menstrual pain, please don’t use CBD until you get clearance from your doctor. CBD can interact with other prescriptions, so you need to double-check it’s safe to use this cannabinoid in your prescribed treatment regimen.

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