James Foo Torres Discusses the Strategies his Firm Employs to Achieve Success for High-Level Entrepreneurs

James Foo Torres is the CEO of ‘Imperium Authority,’ and the Co-Founder of PR Legends. James goes by “Foo,” the first part of his last name, which is unique, and easy to remember. Foo has always wanted to be an entrepreneur and run his own business. From being in the Air Force for 4 years to now being recognized as a successful PR firm owner, Foo has come a long way in his professional life. Born and raised in Puerto Rico, his firm is popular in America and gaining international notoriety.

In the last few years, Imperium Authority has helped grow many brands and companies in various markets. With his venture, James provides effective solutions and strategies for brands all around the world. The firm is known for laying out successful marketing ideas and providing mainstream media exposure to high-level entrepreneurs, increasing their brand visibility and authority within their respective markets.

When asked about his company and why media exposure is essential for brands, entrepreneur Foo shares, “Now more than ever, people are taking their business online. In order to be able to build trust with potential clients and partners, you need to show people what I call ‘trust indicators’. The best trust indicators are testimonials, case studies, reviews, and press. In my opinion, getting featured in media sources your prospects know and trust is the best way to build instant credibility and authority. You can convince someone to give you a good testimonial, write a case study with fake names, but getting a real story in a major publication is like getting a referral from someone your audience trusts and values. In this way, brands can gain trust at scale, achieving a higher level of success.”

Foo adds, “to take a business beyond 6, 7, and even 8 figures, a business owner has to focus on serving their employees so they can properly serve clients. Managing the business while focusing on your brand’s next level, usually leaves little time for your company’s public relations. Building an in-house PR team is not always practical or cost-effective. This is where my company comes in. We provide media placement programs that promote brand awareness and drive prospects to your business through stories they will enjoy and find valuable rather than the ‘click here now or this offer will be gone forever’ type of advertisement. With our winning formula, we help our clients get featured in top publications, podcasts, and TV shows their prospects know and trust.”

As an entrepreneur himself, Imperium Authority’s owner and Co-Founder of PR Legends, knows how tough it can be for companies/brands to always be at the top of the game. Hence, Foo ensures that his firm will help its clients in every possible way to achieve the desired profits and increase the consumer base.

LA Weekly