James Dooley Uses the Internet to Change Thousands of Customers’ Lives

The internet is a powerful tool for anyone in business. As James Dooley explains, millions of people have an internet connection today, and what was once a niche industry is now a key component of every business plan and career path. As an entrepreneur with over 15 years in the digital marketing space, James has deep insights into how to use the internet to its fullest potential. He says there are countless ways to increase your visibility on the internet, bringing more traffic and leads your way. Every day, customers search for products and services on Google or other search engines like Bing or Yahoo! For many businesses, ranking well on these search engines can mean the difference between moderate and exponential growth. As an internet marketer and SEO expert, that’s what Dooley specializes in.

A firm believer in taking massive action when opportunities come your way, Dooley was one of the earliest adopters of the internet. In 2008, he dived deep into SEO marketing and learned invaluable lessons about how a business can improve its rankings on Google. At the time, his success on this project intrigued him and motivated him to explore the impact of SEO on a company’s leads and sales. Over a decade later, Dooley is still learning and implementing these lessons successfully.

From his SEO expertise, Dooley has built multiple seven-figure, client-centric businesses. In a fast-paced industry where things change overnight, Dooley has established his reputation as a go-to authority on quick SEO business solutions. He runs a full-service digital marketing agency PromoSEO Ltd that helps customers with SEO strategies like content writing, link building, and social sharing platforms. Moreover, Dooley is a digital nomad and landlord enjoying the benefits of his digital assets while changing lives at the same time.

Under normal circumstances, establishing credibility and authority on the internet is a gradual process requiring patience. To rank on the various search engines, a business owner must put in a lot of work and still remember that SEO is a long-term game. As one of the best experts in the SEO space, Dooley and his team have developed a done-for-you, rank-and-rent model for small, local businesses to get results in a short period. The team simply builds an optimized website, furnishes it with the right content, does the link building, and works to get it on top of the search engine results page. Once the website generates traffic, Dooley rents it out monthly to a local contractor for lead generation. With ready traffic, Dooley guarantees his customers a high return on their investments.

Dooley has invested in, built, and retained over 25 million web pages online so far. These web pages are built on over 300 growing websites that Dooley is still working on to increase their value. Dooley believes that as the industry grows, these websites will fetch a tidy sum when he sells them. Like physical assets, several factors, including time, affect how much digital assets appreciate, and Dooley is sure the websites will grow exponentially as they age.

On top of changing customers’ lives, Dooley is also invested in his team’s success. Over the years, he’s employed over a dozen apprentices who have become directors of various organizations. Dooley’s goal is to make all of his core staff millionaires in the future.

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