Jake Strain Gets Ready To Launch Cannabis Product: “The Jake Strain”

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They say marijuana is a gateway drug. It however can be but that statement is an opinion. Cannabis is a plant that is grown organically that is used to treat anxiety, sleep disorders, pain, it however can have negative side effects of causing you to be lazy, or unmotivated. Kids will typically think it is “cool” to experiment with drugs, if they see their favorite artist trying a new drug, it can influence the youth to experiment deeper. Most teenagers in high-school have tried cannabis at least once, some of them are frequent users and some are full blown addicts. The music industry has always been “sex, drugs and rock and roll”, everytime there is a new drug out, the artists expically in the hiphop industry rap about “Percs, Lean, Molly, Xans” which has a negative impact on the community of listeners, to promote drugs and alcohol. In life everything has moderation. Jake started smoking cannabis flower when he was 12 years old and it can definitely cause an impact on a child’s future. Cannabis should be legal and be consumed only when a brain is fully grown.

There are two types of cannabis; Sativa and Indica.

Sativa:Tall, narrow-leaf cannabis leaves, which induce energizing effects, head high. Sativa is typically used for day-time use or a good wake and bake. It will make you feel happy, uplifting, euphoric and energetic. Can make you feel productive, creative, and focused. Jake’s favorite Sativa is Sour Diesel.

Indica:short-wide leaves that have sedating effects. body high. Indica is typically used for night-time use, or when it’s time to relax and unwind. When smoked you can feel happy, euphoric, relaxed and sleepy, and can get the munchies. Jake’s favorite indica strain is Grand Daddy Purple.

Now as marijuana has advanced throughout the years, technology and everything about potency. But there are also hybrid strains, which are plants that were bred to be hybrids, which means they are a mixture of Sativa/Indica, most of the time having a dominant such as Sativa dominant. Jake’s favorite hybrid strain is Mimosa.

Jake Strain plans to launch his own cannabis business in the near future. Jake Strain is about to launch a Strain of his own and partner with a legal cannabis business in a retail store.

Right now in NYS it costs over $200,000 to open up a shop, that’s not including running a business and getting products etc, just to have a retail license, and that’s if you get approved. It would be cool to have my own brand of cannabis similar to other industry artists like Wiz Khalifa, Snoop Dogg, etc.

Currently Jake Strain owns a few companies in the music industry, one of which being his independent record label company Swaggertown Records. Jake has navigated his way from the bottom to make it possible for other artists to achieve industry level with a platform.

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