Jake Carter, Globally-renowned Health Educator, Refines What It Means to Be a Personal Trainer

Good health is associated with a happy and productive life for all the right reasons. Being healthy is not just about hitting the gym or eating nutritious meals. It is a lifestyle that must be diligently planned and followed, but many consider such routines as one of deprivation and endless workouts. However, the true concept of a healthy lifestyle is completely different, and a personal trainer is imperative to determine what’s best for you.

Jake Carter, a globally-renowned health educator, has stepped into this place to transform the health and fitness industry ground up. He is leveraging years of knowledge and experience to develop the next generation of personal trainers who will be more adept at addressing complex health issues. Jake Carter’s mission to redefine health was fueled by real-life experiences. His story from school dropout to global educator is truly inspiring.

During his childhood, Jake Carter was a shy kid who lacked self-confidence. He also struggled to learn because he had a mild form of dyslexia. Jake soon realized that mainstream education was not for him, which is when he began working at a gym. Jake was only 15 and barely earned enough to survive. Despite that, he loved being at the gym because he discovered a sense of purpose in life and felt confident like never before.

In only a couple of years, Jake’s bubble of confidence burst. After injuring his spine, he could not return to the gym for quite some time. As his 6-pack abs and jacked muscles started disappearing, Jake sank into a spiral of depression. He felt his passion was being ripped away and was left with no purpose in life. At that time, Jake was an average trainer who could not even demonstrate a product to the client. To get his life back on track, he began looking for new ways to stand out as a trainer among the clients.

To overcome his learning difficulties, Jake drowned himself in educational podcasts about nutrition. He discovered that the power of nutrition can dictate the language of body cells. That’s when he truly began to learn about the human body to become a national health educator at 18. Jake went on to become a global educator at 25 and shared the stage with renowned doctors when he was only 27.

Currently, Jake is bridging the gap between the health and fitness industry and the healthcare system with his online global health institute. He educated health coaches and personal trainers on functional health, nutrition, and business. From scaling up their business to positively impacting the lives of their clients, Jake covers all the topics in detail to ensure his students emerge as next-generation trainers.

Today, Jake is a self-made entrepreneur running a 7-figure business globally without any formal degree. He has students from 34 countries and has been a public speaker in over 9 countries. Jake has invested 6-figures in his education and personal development. This makes sense as he has experience in supporting over 100 different health conditions.

At present, Jake is assisting Ph.D. students at a leading university. The global educator has proved that success is not defined by school grades but rather by real accomplishments in life. With this goal, Jake wants to continue his journey to increase the lifespan of his students and their clients in the most holistic way.

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