We spotted internet mogul and exotic car dealer Jaepark in LA this month. Could Corsa Motorsport be on its way across the state?

For those of you who aren’t up to date on their celebrity gossip, Jae Park is an established name in the world of the internet entrepreneur. He first shot to success six years ago, aged just 23, when he made his first million. Since then, he has seen multiple new firms come and go under his control… but his first love will always be exotic cars.

Jae Park and Exotic Car Customization

Jae park’s name has become synonymous with exotic car customization in the California car shows circuit. He has 19 different vehicles in his collection – and collection is the right word for it. 

Some cars stand out to Jae park so much that he bought two different versions of them. For example, he owns two Ferrari 458 GT3s in different colors. He also holds a Lamborghini Aventador SV and a Lamborghini Aventador SVJ because one letter makes all the difference to car dealers. His collection also includes a McLaren 720S and many others. If you love cars as much as he does, you can check out his pack on his Instagram feed.

Jaepark has used the $6.2 million he earned from the sale of his business three years ago to set up both an exotic car customization firm and an exotic car rental firm in his native California. His continued presence in LA over the last few months has come to raise suspicions. Tongues are wagging, and they are all saying the same thing: that Jae Park is in talks with LA execs over installation of a bigger, better, brassier exotic car rental firm, right here in Los Angeles… and we can’t wait to see it.

It’s not All Fancy Cars.

Jae Park isn’t all about the fancy cars and the flash lifestyle – although he maintains they are draws of the trade. For him, digital marketing is his primary source of income. Fast cars and fancy customizations are a labor of love rather than a great money maker.

Jae dropped out of school when he was only 16 years old. He left to pursue his dream of making millions and retiring by 30, even though at 16, he didn’t know how he would do it yet.

Over the next few years, he spent time on numerous projects. He eventually realized he was spreading himself thin and decided to focus on one thing at a time. He narrowed his focus to his business at the time, which involved designing Facebook ads for big named brands. This is the same company he later sold to make his millions.

Now, aged only 28, Jaepark has paid off his parents’ debts, allowing all three of them to retire in comfort. However, he has never quite settled into the retirement flow and keeps making investments in exotic car start-ups… just like the potential new deal that will see him in the streets of LA more often. We wholeheartedly approve. Maybe he will toss some of those millions our way…

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