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God Frequency Reviews – Price, benefits, and shocking facts. Everything you need to know.

I used to be skeptical about manifestation, the law of attraction, brain frequencies, and anything like that.

While these concepts actually look good in theory and have scientific proof behind them, I still don’t know why I am always unsure about them.

When my friends started talking about manifestation and their experience, I decided to search about it. Many of them praising God Frequency, so I put my skepticism aside and bought the program.

This God Frequency review is going to be about my 100% experience with this program. I will share the good and bad about this program. Additionally, I will also share what changes it bought in my life.

So do you want to find if the God Frequency program is right for you?

Continue reading this review to find out

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What Is God Frequency Program All About?

God Frequency is an online program that combines the effectiveness of cortical synchronization and Biblical teaching to help its users to get God’s blessings.

You will get 15-minute audio tracks that contain binaural beats and powerful prayers to help you manifest abundance in your life.

In short, it uses binaural beats to bring your mind into a state of abundance.

We all know our spiritual self and body vibrate in a specific frequency even while we are sleeping and science proved that if we tune our spiritual self and mind, we can bring many positive changes in life.

And the audio tracks you will get in the God Frequency program will tune in to your mind and put you on the path of success.

The creator of the God Frequency program, Jacob, offers a free audio track, “Urgent Manifestation Prayers,” to help you understand how these tracks can magically change your life.

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Who Can Get Benefit From The God Frequency Program?

There is no complicated theories or exercises in this program, and I think anyone can get benefit from this program, including people who:

  • Want to bring inner peace in their life
  • Struggling in their love and want to make a strong relationship with the person beside them.
  • Want to understand the meaning of their life and their true life purpose
  • Lacks confidence and want to reduce stress from their life
  • Want to develop positive thinking patterns and want to eliminate negative thoughts.

However, any person who approaches this program with a closed mind will not find it effective.

Although science proved the effectiveness of binaural beats and how they can bring positive life changes, some still don’t believe in it.

Therefore, if you don’t believe what God Frequency can do in your life, this program will not work for you.

Who Are The Authors Of God Frequency?

The God Frequency program is the combined efforts of Marcus and Jacob.

Three years ago, Marcus struggled in his life when his wife left him, and his children were not ready to talk with him and live with him. He meets with Jacob (the priest) in a coffee shop, who gave him some audio track that changed his life for good.

Marcus started using these binaural beats for 15 minutes a day, and his life started changing in a better way.

After seeing the livable proof of how “God Frequency” works like magic, everyone wants to know how he gets dramatic changes in his life.

And that’s when Marcus and Jacob started working on creating a ‘sound bath’ that we today known as God Frequency.

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What Do You Get Inside God Frequency Program?

When I bought this program, here is what I got:

God Frequency Binaural Beats – This is the 15-minute binaural beat audio track developed according to the Jesus teaching code. This audio track contains the highest quality nature sounds and powerful prayers that will help you manifest God’s blessings and get all positive things in your life.

Love Frequency – This love Frequency soundtrack will help you to improve your relationship. If you have come out from a painful relationship or if you want to improve your relationship with your partner, this soundtrack is for you. It will retune your mind and bring love into your life.

Urgent Manifestation Prayers – This is the PDF and soundtrack that give you daily prayers for seven days to help you manifest health, happiness, healing, and much more. You can download this members’ bonus completely free by visiting this page.

My Experience With God Frequency Audio Track:

After listening to the God Frequency soundtrack for 30 days, I feel my mind has become calmer and more open to manifestation.

I discover stepping out of my comfort zone was a bit pushing, but overall it was an exciting experience.

Additionally, you don’t need any prior knowledge. All you need is just 15 minutes to listen to these audio tracks.

Here is how I listened to these audio tracks.

I listened to the God Frequency binaural beat just before going to sleep, and I notice I start walking up calmer and filled with positive energy. Things that used to pull me down are not affecting me now.

I also listened to the Love Frequency soundtrack most of the days, and I mostly listened to this track when I wanted a break from work.

I love the changes these tracks bring into my life. It was a welcome change to not worry about small, unimportant things. My overthinking problem also stopped. Thank God!

What Is The Cost Of God Frequency?

The original price was much higher, but Jacob has recently started offering a discount on the God Frequency program, and now you can get the complete program by paying just $37 one-time.

This investment is very little for the happiness and relaxation you get by listening to these audio tracks. These audio tracks tune your mind and bring positive changes to your life.

All you have to do is listen to these tracks for 15 minutes and at least 21 days to see changes in your life.

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Soul Manifestation Review: My Verdict:

Many people are working day and night just to fulfill their expenses. Even people who have a successful career, loving relationships, and strong social status also feel something is missing.

That something is HAPPINESS.

It is not easy to have happiness in this era.

God Frequency is such a program that enables users to fill their life with happiness and control their life by listening to binaural beats, which are engineered according to the secret codes found in Jesus’ teaching.

There is no exercise or technique; all you have to do is just hit the play button and listen to the sound coming from your headphones.

According to Jacob, these audio tracks are created on the Biblical concepts, and they give manifestation powers like Jesus and his disciples had.

However, the only way you can find if these audio tracks really work for you is by giving God Frequency a try. Jacob has included 365 days money-back guarantee. You can try this program without any risk of losing money.

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