Jackie Meyer, CPA on Modern Tax Planning and What Accountants Could Be Doing Better


Jackie Meyer didn’t begin her career with a mentor, an inspiring leader, or an innovative teacher – but she wishes she had. A natural problem solver, the certified public accountant (CPA) and all-around tax expert decided to become that person for others by founding a coaching program, Certified Concierge Accountant, designed to help her peers learn the professional financial secrets that she spent years learning the hard way.

Meyer specializes in providing innovative tax strategies and coaching to an executive clientele. In return, these prestigious clients gain the skills that can increase returns on investments (ROIs) by using her strategies. She began the program with high hopes – and today leads her own team of star tax talents across the US in coaching up-and-coming accountants and tax planners. The program operates completely virtually and remotely, making it easy for even the busiest of CPAs or CEOs to join her and gain newfound financial insight.

In addition to her own years as a top-rated CPA and coach, Meyer has also earned accolades as a motivational and educational speaker, general business coach, and social media influencer in the modern financial niche. She has thousands of followers across various platforms that include former students, prospective students, and myriad tax professionals.

Using her well-honed skills as a trained accountant and speaker on financial topics, Meyer is deeply passionate about helping others understand complicated financial issues and empowering them to do more with their tax and accounting firms.

Personally, she is driven and innovative, constantly pushing the boundaries of what it means to be an accountant and tax planner. Far from being a boring ‘number cruncher’ or someone that you only call up over tax time, Meyer aims her team to be a regular part of the client’s daily lives.

Assisting this drive is a natural love of technology – she is always looking for ways to merge this interest with traditional accounting and helping others, whether they are clients, her community, family, and friends, or other accountants, stating, “My goal is to break the compliance cycle and bring value to every client via tax advice.”

Coach and Mentor

It’s the fusion of these three interests that led Mayer to create Certified Concierge Accountant, her wildly successful, trademarked program that helps CPAs increase their knowledge and go from good to great.

This dedicated program for accountants and tax professionals has already helped hundreds of people working in the tax field to reach the next level in their personal and professional growth. The personalized program involves self-study as well as direct interaction with Meyer and receiving coaching from her on how to ‘co-create your path to success’.

So, who can benefit from Meyer’s services? Her coaching services are perfect for accounting and tax firm owners that enjoy small group support and interaction. While her own boutique CPA firm only allows 100 clients, she does take one or two new accredited investors each year. She also created a tax planning software called TaxPlanIQ for clients and accountants alike to implement tax planning services.

The Modern Tax Planner

What is the modern tax planner, exactly? It’s a phrase Meyer coined for herself and the other financially-savvy strong business leaders that graduate from her coaching course and use her ROI method.

Meyer’s coaching and SaaS software equip accountants with the tools and skills they need to build, run and – most importantly – grow a successful accounting firm from the ground up. With over ten years’ worth of experience at Meyer Tax, The Concierge CPA, Meyer believes she can make any tax professional more successful by using and sharing the entrepreneurial skills she’s been collecting for over a decade.

From insider secrets to growth hacks and time-saving strategies, Meyer carefully lays out each step that has made her a success – and all those tips that she wishes someone had shared with her when she was starting out. She secures these strategies with her work towards a doctorate in strategic leadership from Regent University, to ensure the most modern leadership and firm practice topics are taught.

Not sure Meyer’s strategies or TaxPlanIQ will work for you and your accounting firm? Meyer says that her tools and techniques are proven across a variety of firms and business models and that they can easily be replicated and tailored for any accounting firm.

Skills That Pay Bills

Meyer is proud to say that her graduates gain a variety of professional skills that also help their personal finances and goals. Among those skills, leadership development, generating year-on-year revenue increases, and a higher value per hour. The program’s average graduate enjoys a 200% ROI within a few months of beginning Meyer’s coaching program. She only works with clients that she can bring 200-300%+ ROI TO in tangible cash savings or earnings.

Meyer selects the key topics to be covered in the course, including the basics of tax planning and strategy, adding unexpected value to clients, and getting paid more per hour. Her coaching associates share their experiences in business development, best practices, and staffing and managing a tax practice.

To put it simply, Meyer said, “I want people to realize their full potential in tax advising practices, and it permeate to their clients and family”

About Jackie Meyer:

Jackie Meyer is the President of Meyer Tax Consulting. She is also the CEO and Founder of TaxPlanIQ, and Certified Concierge Accountant programs. Find out more by visiting her websites: Coaching at yourcca.com, Software at taxplaniq.com, or her boutique firm at meyertax.com

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