It’s Not About Perfection It’s About Purpose Jonte Wells Founder of Greater Purpose Athletics Explains The Facts

Jonte Wells, the founder of Greater Purpose Athletics, has built a strong community for young athletes. GPA empowers its members by enhancing their athletic abilities and sharing with them, valuable life lessons. When he was growing up, his mother and other family members became the strongest pillars and directed him in his journey. By participating in sports as a youth, Jonte grew and transformed both physically and mentally. He was determined to cultivate a space in which athletes could connect with their mentors and speak about their lives.

With a clear vision in his mind, Jonte established GPA in March 2021. In just 4 months, the entrepreneur started receiving substantial media attention.

Greater Purpose Athletics is a 12,000 square feet multi-sport coaching facility, located outside of Chicago. It consists of a  full-length basketball court, a recovery room, 3 firing stations with 7 circlets, among other accommodations. GPA prides itself on having an army of dedicated staff and trainers. 

Furthermore, Jonte says there’s a life outside of the basketball court by this he indicates that when we indulge in an activity we pay little attention to what’s happening around us. Basically family, friends, and in our personal life. So, Jonte suggests tracking the outside world is a must. This is the reason Jonte engages the players in an interactive conversation session where he talks to other players about life in general.

Jonte spent his childhood playing basketball. In collegiate programs, he received a  scholarship for his basketball skills and brilliance. Although the game was his main passion, he always knew that he had a future beyond basketball. Furthermore, Jonte confirms that the players can convert their sports skills into a paycheck just the way he did.

Jonte founded his first start-up in college when he initiated flipping houses and venturing into real estate. He established his mansion that counts home evolution and real estate projects. Jonte owns a multiplex start-up in the Chicago land zone.Moreover, he says athletes reduce the risk of illness plus polish their time management, teamwork, patience, and discipline, and improvise considerably more life skills. For Jonte, life wasn’t a bed of roses like he dreamt about it and he received it on his plate. Plenty of times, he had met struggles in his life. Later, he changed his reality with his vision. 

In a conversion with Mindful Media, Jonte focuses on the fact that one should have a purpose in life. Once you know your purpose, start working towards it and with years of practice and dedication, you will polish your skills. Perfection always comes later, says Jonte Wells.

Jonte will help you to clear the sky and reach your purpose moreover, make you a professional from an amateur. If you want to stand out from the crowd, you can book your free session now with Greater Purpose Athletes and transform your life.

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