It’s About The People: Eric Schmidt Shares the Importance of Life Insurance

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When you think of a profession that helps people, what comes to mind first? Maybe a nurse, firefighter, or teacher. But what about a life insurance professional? While that profession may not be top-of-mind for some when it comes to helping other people, the insurance industry can be an incredible lifeline to those who are experiencing hard times. That’s part of what inspired Eric Schmidt, founder of Schmidt Insurance Services (also known as Family First Life Northeast) to join the field. By prioritizing the families they help and committing themselves to hard work, the agents of Schmidt Insurance Services are changing countless lives.

While Eric Schmidt is now a notable figure in the insurance sector, it didn’t start that way. Eric had an entire previous career in the automotive industry before finding his true calling in insurance. When working in car sales, he was hustling 70-90 hours a week, sacrificing time with his family and not seeing the financial gains from his hard work. He knew something had to change, and that’s when the power of social media gave him a chance to start over.

Years ago, Eric had worked in the insurance industry for a few months. While he didn’t continue down that path for a significant amount of time, he was still connected with others in the industry. He reconnected with them in the hopes of reclaiming his life, and taking his career and earning potential into his own hands.

Since then, he’s not only scaled his career but created an agency that can help others do the same. After working in the field for years, Eric knows how to train and empower new agents so that they can be successful in their endeavors. The support the agents get from Eric himself and the entire team at large is priceless and sets them up for success in the life insurance world.

“I don’t see any other insurance marketing organizations that provide so much support,” shares Eric.

In addition to supporting their agents, Schmidt Insurance Services supports countless families as well. Eric reminds his agents as well as people considering entering the field that it’s not about the sales numbers they achieve, but the families they help. Their industry boils down to one core belief: supporting people.

“I came from the automotive industry, which was very transactional. People don’t have to have a car, so that can be a challenge. They also have many different options,” says Eric. “But if someone doesn’t wake up tomorrow, whether they’re 33 or 83, it leaves their loved ones in a difficult position. When you look at it from that point of view, life insurance is much more rewarding to sell. You’re helping families during some of their hardest times.”

With this in mind, it’s clear that those working in the life insurance world are helping others as much as nurses, firefighters, and teachers are – just in a different form. Schmidt Insurance Services, as well as all the agencies under the Family First Life umbrella, have impacted millions of lives, and their people-focused work is just getting started.

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