Isabelle Fries Has Released Her Highly-Anticipated Single, “What Can I Do”

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Isabelle Fries has released her highly anticipated single, “What Can I Do,” which is available on all music streaming platforms. This is a much anticipated moment for her fans since she released her previous single, “Scrapbook,” earlier this year. “What Can I Do” is a pop ballad that is about being there for someone regardless of the situation. Outside the walls of the recording studio, Isabelle continues to accomplish this act of kindness through her art and personal life. According to the songwriter Seth Baer, the song depicts “a source, a figure of selflessness and an ever-shining beacon of hope for people even at their darkest hour.” The duo’s styles mesh seamlessly to create this masterpiece that’s already garnered massive traction.

Isabelle is no average artist, as she’s used to being in the spotlight. For years, the American singer-songwriter has been making waves in the indie music scene with powerful, emotive, and soulful vocals that resonate with millions of listeners worldwide. So far, Isabelle’s music has attracted over 6M views and downloads across different platforms, and the numbers keep climbing. The artist credits that success to her partnerships and the powerful messages imbued in her songs.

Isabelle asserts, “This is one of the more personal songs I’ve released, alongside my amazing writer and collaborator Seth Baer. Seth saw into emotions that I wasn’t previously aware I had, helping me tap into these potentials.”  Seth believes that Isabelle has what it takes to transform this project into a masterpiece. He added that the song provokes a need to be a ray of hope in dark times, emphasizing that this core message—a distinct act of kindness—is what Isabelle’s art tries to explore daily.

As a young girl, Isabelle quickly discovered that she could tap into her talent to uplift, entertain, and positively impact people’s lives. This realization shaped her songwriting style as she tried to pour herself into each piece she has released since she made her debut as a professional singer. Isabelle seizes the stage to advance philanthropy, and she has consistently given herself to this noble act since she was 15 years old. Isabelle is the founder of a non-profit organization that promotes music and sports in Ugandan schools. She also sits on the board and is the youth leader of the Global Living Institute in Uganda, an organization that helps increase awareness about HIV/AIDS and provides medical care.

With musical icons like Amy Winehouse, Sir Elton John, The Lumineers, Tame Impala, and Maggie Rodgers as musical role models, it was only natural for Isabelle to gravitate toward the pop genre. She blends it masterfully with alternative genres to create a distinct sound. The themes in her songs include love, loneliness, longing, and other generally relatable emotions. Isabelle believes in being unique; She refuses to be swayed by shiny-object syndrome, staying committed to her principles.

“Music is a force; it has the power to project feelings and emotions, ones that you never knew existed. It does that to me every day, and I am better for it,” said Isabelle during the launch of her song “Scrapbook.” Unequivocally, the artist continues to hold on to her source, passion, and distinctive values of music, and her musical career has attested to this. Consequently, she keeps getting better by the day and has continued to be a source of motivation to millions of fans. She urges everyone to check out any of the various music platforms, like Spotify, to stream her newly released single, “What Can I Do.”

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