Is Vaping CBD Better Than Smoking Hemp Flowers?

03 LAW Image 090623When the CBD market began, most vape shops only carried CBD e-juices, carts, or pens. While these items are still highly desirable in the vaping community, customers have many other ways to inhale hemp-derived CBD. Interestingly, some customers have moved away from vaporizers in favor of smokable CBD products like pre-rolled hemp joints.

While CBD smoking is similar to vaping CBD e-juices, there are a few notable distinctions between these delivery methods. If you’re new to the smokable CBD scene, you should consider the pros & cons associated with pre-rolls vs. vape pods to find the best CBD near me on Real Tested CBD.

How Does Vaping CBD Compare With Smoking CBD?

Arguably, the top feature that separates vaping CBD from smoking hemp is “smoothness.” In most cases, vaping CBD products have a smoother feel versus lighting a hemp joint. Therefore, people prone to coughing fits often report greater success vaping CBD e-juices.

Although convection vaporizers provide the smoothest throat feel, conduction vaporizers tend to have a less abrasive effect than hemp joints. Why? Remember that hemp pre-rolls rely on combustion heating, which means there will be higher traces of carcinogens in your smoke. Although high-grade filters are available for hemp joints, they will have higher amounts of harsh byproducts versus vaporizers.

That being said, some flavor-chasers prefer the more natural taste of a hemp CBD joint versus the ultra-clean flavors in CBD vape pods. CBD pre-rolls taste more like standard cannabis, even though they won’t make users feel the “high” associated with THC. Some previous nicotine smokers also claim the feeling of CBD hemp cigarettes is easier to adjust to versus CBD vaporizers.

In terms of effectiveness, there doesn’t seem to be a considerable difference between vaping and smoking CBD. Every CBD product has a slightly different potency, so customers must check their product’s lab screenings to see the average cannabinoid count. This data will give you the clearest read on how a CBD vape cart or flower will affect you.

How Should Customers Choose Between Vaping vs. Smoking CBD

Choosing between vaping or smoking CBD is a matter of personal preference. People who opt for CBD vape carts tend to enjoy a smoother and cleaner experience. This makes vaporizers an obvious choice for people who often get coughing fits. Also, vapor doesn’t give off as much flavor as smoke, making it a better choice for folks interested in discretion.

However, some CBD smokers claim they prefer the smokier, “cannabis-like” flavor from raw hemp nugs. There’s also a theory known as the “entourage effect” that suggests hemp has its best effects when humans “let it be.” The natural cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids in raw hemp may work together to produce heightened benefits not found in manufactured CBD e-juices.

There’s still a ton of debate over whether the “entourage effect” is real, but there’s no denying high-quality hemp flowers won’t have additional chemicals in vape pods like PG and VG. Also, since vaporizers heat CBD juices to a higher temp, they have a greater chance of destroying delicate terpenes.

On the flipside, CBD vapers contend they enjoy greater control over their experience versus smoking. Some vaporizer models make it easy to adjust the temperature of your experience, which may benefit people who love to customize their sessions.

As a final consideration, there are now dry herb vaporizers that may help users enjoy the benefits of raw hemp flowers without the harshness of smoking. If a vaporizer has “dry herb compatibility,” it’s OK for users to grind hemp flowers and put them into the loading chamber.

There’s no clear “winner” in the fight between vaping and smoking CBD, and customers have far more options nowadays to create a personalized experience. Honestly, choosing between these delivery methods largely depends on your flavor preferences.

Whether You Smoke Or Vape Hemp, Real Tested CBD Can Help!

Real Tested CBD doesn’t pick a side in the debate over smoking or vaping CBD. We recognize everyone has different goals and preferences when using CBD products, which is why we test both raw hemp strains and vape-friendly CBD extracts.

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