Is trading easy and quick to earn profits? Entrepreneur Hasan Marafi reveals!

Life is an adventurous journey with a fair share of highs and lows. And just like the stock market, some days you are up and some days you are down. Embracing all of these ups and downs, entrepreneur Hasan Marafi has transformed failure into success, thereby becoming a perfect example for all aspiring mentees. Hasan is a derivative trader and mentor who started his career at the age of 18.

It took time for him to become a professional trader. “Every day was a learning experience for me. It took almost 5 years of consistent practice until I got a thorough understanding of the market,” he mentions. Hasan likes to live his life by the philosophy that states, “A master has failed more times than the beginner has ever even tried.” Considering himself still as a student of the market, he is gradually evolving as a trader. Opting for a different life than that of a 9 to 5 job, Hasan chose to become a trader, and today he has made a great living out of it.

His intelligence and knowledge has led him to mentor thousands of students about options and stock trading. Hasan has revealed that he loves to work smart rather than work hard. For his work, he has been cited many times by his students and peers. As a layman, trading looks quite fascinating and lucrative, but there are certain calculated risks one must be aware of. Hasan and his team do their best to help people understand these risks by providing financial education and making them understand the power of investing.

The 25-year old entrepreneur went on to say that trading is a vast field, and he is still acquiring knowledge about it. “I believe that the more you share your knowledge about your expertise, the wiser you become. Therefore, my mentorship program is a pathway for all the traders who wish to become successful in their lives.”

Now that Hasan has become a trading expert, he understands where to invest money and garner profits. Several times he has been asked if trading is easy or a pathway to financial freedom. With his experience he sees trading as a consistent practice of learning and evolving. Trading requires time and patience to earn big bucks.

Even today after founding RippyGod Capital LLC, Hasan reveals that he does his best to understand the market before taking any trading calls. “Nobody can predict the market perfectly, this is why I stress mastering risk management with my students. The longer you trade, the greater your profits will be in the long run.” In simple terms, Hasan raises the curtain for those who lose their money by trading and investing for a shorter duration. Through Rippy Global Hasan has created a community for all aspiring traders, to feel like they are a part of a family of like minded individuals eager to grow and evolve in the stock market.

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