Two years ago, we warned you about Blackout House, the creepiest haunted house in the nation, asking you to imagine “somehow finding yourself among a group of apprehensive 'fresh fish' being badgered and browbeaten by a brutal prison guard” or exiting an elevator on the wrong floor only to find “a labyrinthine, sensual inferno in which you fall under the absolute control of mostly unseen sadistic psychotics.”

Blackout House is back, throwing its doors open on Oct. 16 at 500 Mateo Street in the Arts District in Downtown Los Angeles, and they're up to their sick fun of binding and blinding you while “running, pushing and prodding you through a harrowing gauntlet of sexual abasement and humiliating physical and psychic tortures.”

They let L.A. Weekly peek behind the scene during final dress rehearsal and set-decorating, and we got a bit inside the heads of the actors and designers:


Blackout House Los Angeles, 2014.; Credit: Hkam Hso

Blackout House Los Angeles, 2014.; Credit: Hkam Hso

We assure you, nobody gets hurt. At least, physically.

Even the ticketing website is disturbing, explaining in plain English:

No one under 18 admitted and you will not walk through alone. The choice is not yours. Valid government-issued photo ID is required to enter.

Please note: Tickets purchased on this page are for the SOLO experience (alone) at $75 per person.

You are encouraged to arrive 15 minutes before your time slot. If you arrive more than 30 minutes late, we cannot guarantee that we'll be able to accommodate you.

Godspeed, fools. 

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