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We recently sat down with Moonwlkr, a pioneer in Delta 8 THC, who has been attracting some of the biggest names in the cannabis world. 

The growth in Delta 8 has been unmatched and cannabis users (as well as those that aren’t) have been flocking to the newest cannabinoid.

Largely due to its federal legalization, the ability to have it shipped directly to your door, and the “clear headed high without brain fog” that users describe, there has been a meteoric rise in this hemp-derived THC.

Many categorize it as a middle ground between CBD and Delta 9 THC (marijuana), giving them a psychoactive, calm, and euphoric feeling, without any paranoia and anxiety that some associate with Delta 9. 

But with any new product, especially in the cannabis space, there comes some skepticism.

Moonwlkr took it upon themselves to eliminate that feeling and prove to customers that Delta 8 is the real deal. 

How? By giving away free samples of their edibles!

“Putting customers first is our main priority, especially when a new cannabinoid like Delta 8 is introduced to the market. While research in the cannabis space remains rather slim, we believe that the best “study” happens when users can try it for themselves and see how it works for them. That’s why we offered this free sample.” 

– Moonwlkr

And when it comes to social proof, this company reigns supreme. Countless reviews, celebrity approval, and huge shout outs from High Times, Merry Jane, and Dank City (just to name a few).Screen Shot 2021 04 07 at 11.15.37 AM 2Screen Shot 2021 04 07 at 11.15.56 AMScreen Shot 2021 04 07 at 11.15.45 AM e1617808984753Screen Shot 2021 04 07 at 11.15.50 AM e1617809350304

The main thing to really love about this company is that they approached the industry with customer satisfaction at the forefront of their minds.

The company is based out of Nevada and does all of their manufacturing and production in-house, utilizing a state of the art facility for quality assurance.

They then send their product out to 3rd party labs for testing, provided directly on their site, as well as a scannable QR code on each packaging label that brings customers directly to the test results. 

Currently, the company offers unique flavors in their Delta 8 edibles (gummies) and vape cartridges. 

Each vape cartridge contains 800mg of Delta 8 and plant-derived terps for increased effect. 

Each gummy contains 25mg of Delta 8 and their prices are the best in the industry.

As far as the effect goes?

Well, now you can try it for FREE and see why everyone is buzzing about this brand!

“At the end of the day, we stand by our product. We spend countless hours making sure it exceeds all expectations, but how many times have you bought something and then it wasn’t all it was hyped up to be? Too many to count, right? So, we give everyone a free trial to take their risk off the table and give us the chance to prove to them that no other Delta 8 product compares to us. Every brand should do it…if their product is any good.” – Moonwlkr

Hard to argue with that!

Delta 8 THC continues to gain national attention, and Moonwlkr is the one brand letting you decide for yourself without committing to a full-priced purchase.

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And if you’re interested in more education about Delta 8 and reviews of their product offerings, you won’t have a hard time finding them!

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