Is Hemp Flower A Hallucinogen? — Understanding Hemp CBD’s Psychoactive Potential

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Although many people don’t consider cannabis to be as psychoactive as substances like peyote or LSD, all of these items are lumped into the same Schedule I drug category. Also, it’s undeniable that THC-rich cannabis strains can alter a person’s sense of time and space. While some debate whether weed is genuinely a “hallucinogen,” everyone agrees that strong cannabis hybrids can have hallucinogen-like traits.

So, what does this hallucinogenic status mean for hemp flowers? After all, hemp is technically in the same family as marijuana. Does hemp’s chemical structure also qualify it as a hallucinogen?

Is CBD Hemp A Hallucinogen?

In their natural state, hemp flowers have minimal psychoactivity. Although hemp is in the cannabis family, it doesn’t produce high amounts of delta-9 THC. By contrast, marijuana hybrids have excessive THC, which explains their hallucinogenic properties. Therefore, most people don’t consider natural hemp flowers to be a hallucinogenic substance.

Instead of THC, hemp flowers have the highest concentrations of the non-psychoactive cannabinoid CBD. Not only is CBD inherently non-psychoactive, it can block THC from landing on the brain’s CB1 receptors. The more CBD a hemp strain has, the less likely tiny traces of THC will have any noticeable impact.

Also, please remember that legal hemp extracts in the USA must contain ≤ 0.3 percent delta-9 THC. These tiny amounts of THC aren’t likely to induce a “high” sensation, especially when paired with heavy doses of CBD.

So, Does That Mean All Hemp Extracts Aren’t Hallucinogens?

While CBD-rich hemp doesn’t have hallucinogenic properties, some hemp products could induce psychoactive effects. Notably, delta-8 THC has many of the same characteristics as delta-9 THC. Most consumers claim hemp-extracted delta-8 oils aren’t as intense as delta-9 products, but this cannabinoid can make users feel “high.”

Although delta-8 THC is the most popular psychoactive compound in hemp, there are many other THC cannabinoids that have similar properties. For instance, people who order hemp-derived goods with delta-10 THC, THC-P, or THC-O should expect a heady psychoactive impact.

Since there’s little scientific research into THC alternatives, it’s hard to say whether all these cannabinoids qualify as textbook “hallucinogens.” Typically, healthy adults need to take high doses of a THC cannabinoid like delta-8 to experience hallucinogenic properties. However, if people don’t have experience with THC, they may find a small amount of delta-8 will provoke severe side effects like paranoia.

Anyone with a low THC tolerance must cautiously approach cannabinoids like delta-8 THC. Be sure to read the educational articles on Real Tested CBD’s Delta-8 Resource Center for more reliable info on this cannabinoid.

Find Safe CBD Products On Real Tested CBD

When you purchase a hemp-extracted CBD oil, you shouldn’t worry about experiencing hallucinogenic properties. However, since today’s hemp industry is largely unregulated, there have been instances when “CBD extracts” have above-average levels of delta-9 THC. Customers must demand high-quality Certificates of Analysis (COAs) to ensure the CBD they’re ordering won’t have unintended effects.

Real Tested CBD wants to make your CBD shopping experience as straightforward as possible. Please use the resources on Real Tested CBD’s website to discover which CBD brands are selling the best products.

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