Is Delta-8 “Dreamier” Than CBD? — Delta-8 vs. CBD For Sleep Health

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More customers are turning to hemp supplements for help with sleep disturbances. Indeed, many CBD and delta-8 manufacturers market their products to people who want to catch some “Zzz’s.” But are these cannabinoids truly effective for conditions like insomnia? If so, is one cannabinoid better than the other?

While CBD and delta-8 have potential in the sleep health category, they work on the endocannabinoid system differently. Knowing what to expect from these cannabinoids should help you decide which one is better suited for your sleep concerns.

Does CBD Work Better Than Delta-8 For Sleep?

Honestly, both CBD and delta-8 could help people with sleep-related complaints. At this point, there’s not enough data to suggest that one cannabinoid works better than the other. There are, however, many anecdotal testimonies that CBD and delta-8 have a sedating effect at specific doses.

Since CBD extracts have been around for longer, more research supports CBD’s use as a sleep aid. For instance, the Sleep Foundation referenced three studies that suggested CBD could relieve insomnia and improve a person’s REM cycle. There’s also preliminary data that CBD could help with PTSD-related nightmares.

However, there’s some debate over whether CBD’s “sleep-related” benefits are a side effect of its anti-stress properties. Some people believe CBD directly affects the circadian rhythm, while others claim CBD’s anti-anxiety effects help promote relaxation. Either way, it appears higher doses of CBD work best for inducing sleepiness.

As for delta-8 THC, we don’t have as much scientific data to back up its purported sleep health benefits. Most people who take delta-8 products claim this cannabinoid has effects similar to an indica-forward cannabis strain. While delta-8 isn’t as intense as delta-9, it seems to provoke a body-heavy sensation that’s deeply relaxing. The “euphoria” from delta-8 products may also get users primed for bedtime.

Remember that we don’t have any evidence that delta-8 lives up to its anecdotal claims. At this point, customers have to be more willing to experiment with this psychoactive cannabinoid before bed.

How Should Sleep Patients Choose Between CBD vs. Delta-8?

Choosing between CBD and delta-8 depends on how you feel about THC. Even though delta-8 isn’t the same as delta-9 THC, it has psychoactive properties. If you’re uncomfortable with feeling a “high” sensation, then delta-8 won’t be the best choice.

By contrast, CBD is non-psychoactive and won’t make you feel “stoned” while taking it. There’s also less risk for adverse side effects like paranoia when using a CBD product. Keep in mind that you may need a higher-than-average dose of CBD to produce pronounced sleepy effects.

If you find CBD isn’t giving you the results you want, you should consider opting for more intense delta-8 sleep products. Whether you take delta-8 gummies, tinctures, or vape carts, please remember that these products hit harder than CBD. Therefore, you only need a fraction of the dose you would take with CBD to feel slightly tired. Please start with the minimum dose of delta-8 and gradually increase each night till you feel the effects you want.

What To Look For In CBD vs. Delta-8 For Sleep?

When you’ve decided which cannabinoid you want to try for sleep, you must research brands that offer third-party lab results. You should never compromise with brands that don’t have Certificates of Analysis (aka COAs). These official & unbiased lab results give you a clear picture of the potency of your products. You could also tell how clean your brand is by examining the heavy metal and pesticide percentages.

After third-party lab tests, please take a peek at the ingredients list on your CBD or delta-8 products. This is extra important with brands who market their cannabinoids for sleep health. Manufacturers often put in various herbs, amino acids, or compounds like melatonin to enhance sleepy effects. You may also notice extra fillers or sugars if you’re buying sleep-themed gummies.

Please ensure all the ingredients line up with your dietary requirements and preferences. If you have any questions about what’s in your CBD or delta-8 products, you should call the manufacturer for info.

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