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Chlorophyll has hit the market in a big way, but what are chlorophyll drops and where can you find them? 

Chlorophyll is the life force of plants. Similar to blood in its importance to plant life, you may be surprised to know just how close in molecular makeup of chlorophyll is to human blood. Chlorophyll mirrors red blood cells in many ways, but the main difference between plant blood and our blood is that the center atom of the former is magnesium, while the latter’s center is iron. Needless to say, the similarities between chlorophyll and hemoglobin make taking chlorophyll as a supplement incredibly beneficial. 

Chlorophyll’s green pigmentation helps it to trap sunlight, converting carbon dioxide into oxygen and glucose. Oxygen and glucose are two of the most vital compounds in the human body, required for every cell. Taking chlorophyll as a daily supplement supports over 30 trillion cells in your body, so if you haven’t already added chlorophyll to your wellness routine, you should. 

Is chlorophyll the next cannabis?

In a way, yes. This plant-derived addition to your wellness routine supports a number of things humans require to live a successful life, much like various cannabinoids do. 

How can you ingest chlorophyll?

Chlorophyll comes in many different forms, the most popular being liquid chlorophyll drops. Liquid chlorophyll drops helps amplify oxygen delivery to your body tissues, naturally stimulating your organs and flushing out impurities. The best way to deliver it exactly where it needs to be is through drop form. 

What are the benefits of chlorophyll drops?

Chlorophyll helps to boost energy, aid digestion, bolster immunity, and even acts as an internal deodorant as well as an aid for reducing altitude sickness? The benefits of these amazing plant-based drops are incredible. 

Where can you buy chlorophyll drops?

A quick Google search will show you several specialized wellness boutiques that have chlorophyll available for purchase. Not wanting to pay for shipping? Chlorophyll drops are also available on Amazon Prime! 

It’s clear that chlorophyl is not only the hot new wellness supplement of 2021, but truly puts it users at a medicinal advantage. Try them for yourself today and drink your greens! 


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