Iranian rapper Hossein Nour, will return to the concert stage after a year, in Turkey, Istanbul.

Holding a concert and meeting your fans can always feel good, because this meeting is full of good mood and energy, and spending hours together is always pleasant for human beings.

A year after Hossein Nour appeared on the stage of the London concert and met with his fans, this year he performed a concert in Turkey and donated a large part of the proceeds to Iranian charities.

This made many people buy tickets for his concert and, in addition to listening to favorite music live, also share in a good cause.

He tried several times to get a license from the Iranian Ministry of Guidance, but after repeated attempts, he was unable to get a concert license and decided to hold his first concert outside of Iran and in Turkey country.

The concert was so crowded that more than a few thousand of his fans stayed behind closed doors because there was no room to enter, and Hossein Nour apologized to all of them in repeated stories after the concert.

Hossein Nour (born November 4, 1996 Tehran, Iran) is an Iranian musician and singer who started his artistic activity in 2016.

His entry into the field of music has been very marginal and he has released 3 songs called Admin 1, Admin 2, and Admin 3, which has created a lot of noise in Persian rap.  These songs are a direct meal for the famous rap and hip hop singer, Amir Maghsoudloo (Amir Tataloo).  Hossein Nour has many fans around the world who are interested in his style of music.

The artist’s Instagram page has more than 1 million followers, some of whom are has his Afghan fans.  He recently announced the release of his new song, which is sung in support of the Afghan people, and as a result, his Afghan fans have grown significantly in 2 months ago.

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