Investing In Miami Real Estate – Top 3 Reasons Why It May Suit You

Finding a good property to invest in can be difficult and involves considering many factors. One of the most important being that of location.

Miami seems to have a lot to offer. We turn to a local expert Yusuf Yolasan from Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices EWM Realty, to see what he has to say about it.

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With numerous projects under development in Miami, there’s bound to be something available for anyone. But of course, buying a property isn’t easy and doing it alone can lead to missed opportunities even if you’re good at researching. Here are 3 top reasons why Miami might be just the right city for you.

Breathtaking Locations

So much of Miami property is near water and has been designed to capture this natural beauty. Whether on the beach near the ocean, or near the bay, property in Miami emphasizes this soothing and calming splendor. From many locations you can enjoy the luxury of sipping your morning coffee while watching yachts drift by on the bay. And as Miami has blossomed, its city views are nothing to ignore as it’s developed a beautiful skyline. For this and many other reasons Miami has become a top tourist and vacation destination.

Impressive ROIs

Are properties in Miami expensive? Sure. But are they worth it? Absolutely! Miami has blossomed into an international hub and a world class destination for business, finance, special events, and vacation. Miami recently was host to Formula 1, with its Miami Grand Prix and in 2026 it will host the World Cup. Miami attracts people from all over the world. Whether you choose to rent an investment property or enjoy it yourself personally, there is a lot of value to derive from owning real estate in this Metropolitan that continues to explode. Furthermore, there is no place like Miami when it comes to amenities and luxuries that come with your investments.

Miami is Booming

Miami has always been a destination for snowbirds looking to escape the cold winters of more Northern cities. But now more than ever, after the advent of Covid people are flocking to Miami for good, like never below. Inventories are low. Single family homes for sale are almost non-existent or get swept up immediately. As the city grows and continues to develop, it’s emerging as a top tech city and financial hub, as the low tax structure attracts more businesses.

When considering Miami’s beautiful scenery, its projected growth, and its ongoing increased spotlight on the international scene, investing in Miami seems like a no brainer.

Get To Know Who Yolasan Is

Yolasan is currently serving as a Global Real Estate Advisor at the Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices EWM Realty, where he’s even won the brokerage’s 2021 Volume Award.

Yusuf’s focus has always been on providing his clients with the best real estate investments and projects in Miami. He caters to your needs, wants, and priorities, and ensures to fight to get you the best deal. You can rest assure that he has his hands on the best that the city has to offer! Whether it’s about the sustainability and value of properties or jumping in as a middleman for negotiations to make sure that his client’s get the best that they can!

Born and raised in Turkey, Yusuf Yolasan started his career as a marketing trainee for Marks & Spencer. There, he was quickly promoted to Marketing Specialist Assistant because of his exceptional work. He then transitioned to Calzedonia Group as a Business Development & Expansion Specialist and was promoted to Business Development & Expansion Manager. As the Business Development Manager, he completely revamped Calzedonia and Intimissimi’s brand presence and success in Turkey as he managed over 100 store operations. Seeking more, he emigrated to the US and now having shifted into the real estate industry, he hasn’t slowed down one bit!

As the Global Real Estate Advisor of one of the top agencies around the world, there’s nothing that Yusuf Yolasan can’t do!

For investment opportunities and to stay informed follow Yusuf Yolasan on Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook or his website.

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