Introducing Brooklyn’s Rising Pop Artist Painter, Verna Fogg


There’s a current rising painter who’s changing the game for artists throughout the industry. She goes by the name of Verna Fogg. Verna started painting in 2013, but still continued to work a 9-5 job, until she decided to resign and pursue her artistry as her main occupation. She officially began her art career full time back in 2016, after establishing her company V F Artist Inc.

Verna was born and raised in Brooklyn New York, and she uses her upbringing and culture as inspiration to help her create art. This is another reason why the style of art she makes is called “Pop Art” paintings and canvases. “Pop Art” is a representation of mass or popular culture. Verna uses her perspective to speak for many people across the globe, who might be going through similar current struggles or successes of today. She also has gained inspiration from one of her favorite Pop Artists, named Tom Wessleman, who was an influential pop artist painter during the 1980s. Her favorite piece as of now is called Musical Paradise. This is her expression of sounds in the form of imagery, “There is peace and serenity in music which takes me to paradise,” says Verna.

Currently Verna Fogg has put a lot of her focus into the creation of her customized 3 dimensional pieces. These pieces are for the client’s specific requests, and are created unique to their liking. Verna will reach out to clients in order to gather all the details necessary before creating the piece. “After the client and I discuss what they want, I then create a sketch or a digital one (created on photoshop or illustrator) and then wait for approval.  Depending on the size of the canvas and how intricate the design is – a piece can take up to a month. Since my main medium is oil paint the drying process can take time. Once the paint is dry then comes the process of me adding the additional materials to the canvas”, says Verna.

Verna Fogg is definitely headed in the right direction when it comes to investing time, money, and focused energy into her craft. She’s created an established entity due to her perseverance and motivation to accomplish her goals. Verna seems to have a bright future ahead of her in the art industry. Make sure to follow Verna Fogg on all social media platforms @vernafoggartist in order to keep up with all of her up to date paintings and canvases, and also to witness her journey as an artist.

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