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Now many 30-year-olds create a technology that has the potential to disrupt a centuries-old industry, yet that is exactly what Jaime Manteiga has done. Founder of TapTok, Jaime has revolutionized the humble business card. Something that has barely changed since its creation 500 years ago has now become modernized for the digital age.

Jaime recently sat down and shared what TapTok does and how it solves significant issues that exist with business cards today.

What spurred you to create TapTok?

I was inspired to create TapTok after seeing how business cards were highly inefficient and had a number of issues. Then, COVID-19 happened and the concept of everything being contactless suddenly surged in demand. I was seeing that business owners, especially those running small businesses, were getting hit hard by the restrictions and social distancing measures put in place. I thought that there must be a way to still network with prospective clients, even during the pandemic. That is what led me to the idea of essentially digitizing business cards.

What are the advantages of a TapTok card over a run-of-the-mill business card?

Unlike regular business cards, TapTok cards can have their information updated whenever you want. Once a business card is printed, there is nothing you can do to change it except print a new one. A TapTok card is also far more environmentally-friendly. We print them using eco-friendly materials that are water-resistant. Also, you only ever need one. Compare that to 27 million business cards being printed daily, with 88% of paper cards being thrown out within a week, and you can see how wasteful the old networking method is. There is also far more information you can transmit with a TapTok card than a business card.

How does the TapTok card actually work?

I was reading the latest iOS updates in 2019 and I realized that Apple was no longer going to be using Near-Field Communication (NFC) technology for wireless payments. I immediately saw the opportunity for a product that could transmit information like the kind found on business cards to any NFC-enabled device.

Is the TapTok card safe? 

TapTok cards are much safer than traditional business cards. Those can easily get lost, stolen, and get into the wrong hands. With TapTok cards, if it gets lost or stolen, the bank-level security standard built into it will prevent anyone who shouldn’t have it be able to access the information. An owner of this card can lock it at any time they want.

Do you see TapTok cards eventually replacing business cards? 

Absolutely! The world is only getting more digitized. Even if TapTok isn’t the only game in town, I believe that over the next few decades, we will see paper business cards become a thing of that past that are no longer used.

You can learn more about TapTok by heading over to its website. You can also follow TapTok on Facebook and Instagram @taptok.co.

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