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Radmila Lolly has made her mark in both the music world and fashion industry. Her remarkable talent for designing and styling plunged her into the fashion scene, turning heads and filling her pockets.

Radmila started her career as a musician, singer and songwriter. But her eye for fashion was always present. Her gift for fashion and design started when she was a young girl. Her mother was a painter and her grandmother was a seamstress by trade. Radmila took her mother’s eye for color and her grandmother’s seamstress skills and made a second career out of them.

As her musical career grew, the costumes and outfits she designed for her own performances caught people’s attention. Eventually, people started to request personal commissions and this inspired her to launch “Radmila Lolly,” her debut couture fashion house, which was displayed at Gotham Hall in New York City.

Soon, Radmila will release a new high couture fashion collection under her new fashion house, Eltara Casata. The line includes 5 of collections elegant and sophisticated designs.

Her Extravaganza Collection captures the daring, regal and refined nature of the feminine woman. The collection offers fitted and loose cut items, long and short dresses and suits, finely detailed and simple-yet-chic outfits, and bold and subtle colors. This collection is perfect for any occasion that embraces being fearless, empowered, chic and graceful.

Radmila’s Wonderland Collection is an alluring catalogue of dresses inspired  by the wondrous world of wonderland. With this collection, you’ll find pieces that are bright, majestic and audacious to the core.

The Hollywood Collection includes pieces that will invite you into the world of glitz and glam. With these pieces, you’ll discover your star power.

She also just launched a Fitness Collection with nicely fitted and supportive material to optimize your workout while looking good. Her Mask Collection, inspired by the coronavirus pandemic, offers a classy mask with different colors and the option for bedazzling. Stay stylish while practicing social distancing.

The multi-talented Radmila has managed to create successful bodies of work with her fashion and music careers—and she’s just getting started.

Look Out for Upcoming Projects by Radmila

Radmila continues to impress the fashion world with her elegant, regal and sophisticated designs. They  have caught the eyes of high-profile celebrities and magazines. She has designed for celebrities including Gayle King, Mya and Nicole Ari Parker. Her designs have been featured in Vogue, Elle and Harper’s Bazaar.

Radmila has many new projects coming up. Soon, she will release a self-composed album that corresponds to the novel that she has been writing for nearly seven years. The album and novel will also come with an audiobook and her new couture line.

It doesn’t stop there. She will perform this new album with a live orchestra and contemporary musicians. A dance show will accompany the musical performance and showcase her new fashion house, Eltara Casata.

Keep up with Radmila’s projects by following her on Instagram and music streaming platforms.

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