International High-Performance Coach Jonathan Hogwood Throws Event in California to Meet His Students 

The global pandemic of COVID-19 has caused many to stay where they are and work remotely. The same could be said for coaches like Tony Robbins, Brandon Burchard, and Jonathan Hogwood who have been hosting their ‘life-changing’ events remotely for the past year.

While it may be difficult to host an event that would seat thousands in the crowd, International High-Performance Coach Jonathan Hogwood decided to host smaller venues exclusively for his students just like his 2021 U.S.A Tour. The tour consisted of three stops in December to finish off 2021, in major cities which were San Diego, Dallas, and Miami.

With a sold-out venue for all three events, Jonathan arrived in San Diego, California from Tokyo, Japan earlier last month. His main objective was for his students to have the opportunity to meet their mentor in the flesh, learn new skills, and also listen to guest speakers who provide value in different areas.

Jonathan Hogwood is a High-Performance Coach who is known for helping men achieve a higher standard in life through three main areas which involve finances, health & fitness, and character enhancement. Jonathan refers to these areas as Money, Muscle & Game. 

With thousands of students and followers, Jonathan chose his favorite cities in the U.S.A while also covering ground for his students to attend from all over the country.

“San Diego is definitely one of my favorite cities in the U.S; The beaches, the weather, the city, and most importantly the people. It made for the perfect first stop for this year’s tour.” Jonathan expressed.

According to Jonathan, the Hot Dude Conference constructed a great atmosphere for students to network with each other and build relationships. He advised that this helps them reach their goals faster because they are befriending people who are on the same journey as them.

“The world is going online and there are so many opportunities that come along with that, but nothing beats being able to enable and inspire face to face. You could feel the energy in the room, you can feel the lives being changed and relationships being built.” Jonathan added.

“We also brought in multi-millionaire investors so that the students could see that these are real people achieving real results, this isn’t some social media mind trick. If we can do it, so can they.”

During the event, Jonathan stated several times “Decrease your judgment of others, increase your judgment of yourself”

When asked about this he said, “The best thing a man can do is focus on himself. The grass can only be greener on the other side if you’re too distracted to water your own. Our goal is to make our students understand that they need to water their grass every day so that they can make money, get muscles and kill the game. Nothing good ever happened from judging others. The best thing a man can do for himself is to be accountable and own up to his problems and take action to solve them.”

Jonathan’s ultimate goal is to create an ‘army’ of great men, who are leaders and providers, and can conquer their lives even in these uncertain yet advanced times. It seems from the turnout at his event, that his goal is not too far off.

While his 2021 U.S.A tour may be over, Jonathan says that he is already planning a much bigger venue for 2022 if the circumstances allow for it.

“Our goal is to help as many men become the ultimate versions of themselves financially, physically, and mentally. The number of students in our program grows every day and if the circumstances let us, it would be an honor to accommodate them on a bigger stage next year. Our team is already looking into it.” Jonathan concluded.

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