Interesting Facts About CBD Use And Tolerance

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CBD products have taken the market by storm with their ability to provide relief to those suffering from debilitating health issues such as mental health problems, chronic pain, inflammation and cardiovascular diseases. The increasing popularity of CBD has raised the question regarding the safety associated with the regular intake of the compound, as well as about the chances of our body developing tolerance towards the existing dosage, possibly resulting in the need for higher dosages to get the same results from CBD therapy.

Chances Of Developing Addiction To CBD

Pure CBD is known to have no addictive properties, mainly due to the lack of psychoactive elements in legally approved CBD products. THC, a compound derived from the same cannabis plant family used to extract CBD, has psychoactive properties that make it illegal across many states in the U.S. THC is also known to result in some level of drug dependency after long-term use or when used in higher than optimal doses. The presence of THC in increased amounts can be risky for CBD products. Since extracted from the same plant family, CBD and THC products often have the presence of undesirable quantities of one compound than the other, making the product not reliable. CBD products manufactured under strict regulations and tested throughout the process for trace elements and contaminants won’t have more than 0.3% of THC content, making it legal and ideal to be used for the purposes originally intended with CBD therapy.

Chances Of Developing Tolerance

The human body is found to have an existing high level of tolerance to CBD, making the chances of developing an increased tolerance to higher doses of the compound quite unlikely. Even when consumed in quantities as high as 1500 mg per day, CBD is not known to have the effect of overdosing on the user. This eliminates the need for an increased dosage of the compound intended to obtain a particular effect. Such high doses, however, are not considered ideal for consumption because of the lack of reliable data regarding the interactions CBD can have with prescription medications and certain medical conditions.

CBD is a versatile compound that can help alleviate discomfort associated with a lot of health issues. The lack of substantial evidence connecting CBD use to dependency and substance abuse, along with no reported cases of CBD overdose, makes the compound safe to use over extended periods without experiencing adverse side effects.

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