Travel is all about discovery. When we travel, we open our eyes to new worlds that inspire and motivate us to live more exciting and fuller lives. Travel is more than just a hobby or a vacation. For many people, travel is driven by passion and a yearning to invigorate the senses with new places. Phil Sokowicz is a well-known and respected insurance expert, but his free time is dedicated to travel. Passionate about travel and discovering new places, Phil has become somewhat of an influencer in this topic as he embraces opportunity and lives life to the fullest.

At just 31 years of age, Phil is considered as one of the top five brokers by Yahoo! Finance. Living in Germany, he is an insurance expert well-known throughout the country as a specialist on life insurance and extending legal circumstances. “Insurance is my day job, but the immense success I have achieved in such a short time has allowed me to live life more on my terms,” says Phil. “I’ve used this success to travel extensively, and that has opened my eyes to how powerful travel can truly be.”

P​hil frequents exclusive hot spots from Miami to Dubai to Santorini and chronicles his adventures on Instagram, where he has built up a significant following. “The enclaves of the world have so much to offer. They are vibrant and full of energy,” describes Phil. “There is nothing better than getting out there and feeling the energy of a place. You have to do more than just see it if you want to get the full experience.” From stunning beaches, nightclubs, and high-end hotels, Phil goes all in and leaves no stone unturned.

If Phil had to choose a favorite location, he says it’s pretty difficult to narrow down just one, but his most recent trip to Miami was one for the books. “Miami is an incredible city. Between the beaches and the culture, it’s one of the best cities in the world, but partying with Paris Hilton completely made the experience,” says Phil. “It was a wild night, but Paris always knows how to throw a party. If you have the chance to see her DJ live, I can’t recommend it enough.”

Phil is no stranger to luxury, a lifestyle he’s earned through hard work, and he maintains that traveling is all about experiencing the things you love, whether it be art, food, music, landscapes, or culture. “The best thing about travel is that it’s for everyone,” says Phil. “Whatever it is you are looking for with the right attitude, you’ll discover it. It’s out there waiting for you.” A jet-setter with unlimited opportunity Phil is after everything the world has to offer one trip at a time.

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