Insurance Claim HQ’s Galen M. Hair Focuses on Striking Back When Disaster Strikes This Hurricane Season

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New Orleans-based Insurance Claim HQ has built a name for itself by striking back. Not only do they strike back when hurricanes hit, but they also strike back on behalf of their clients when the insurance companies try to deny hurricane claims, offer low settlements, or otherwise provide poor service for your premiums.

The property casualty insurance law firm, led by founder Galen M. Hair, works exclusively with insurance cases, and it’s apparent that they provide a much-needed service. In 2021, only a year after opening its doors, it invoiced $65 million in billable hours.

For Hair, however, running  Insurance Claim HQ isn’t about the numbers — it’s about helping people. For him, the revenue is just a tangible symbol of how many families he has assisted in rebuilding their lives after disaster strikes. Then their insurance company lands the second blow.

Service with Sympathy

Hair is especially empathetic to his clients, having been the victim of a hurricane himself when Hurricane Zeta hit his home in 2020. So, he knows firsthand how his clients feel and how hard it is to deal directly with the insurance companies, who often feel like they are doing everything to avoid paying you what you deserve after paying years’ worth of premiums.

“The insurance company doesn’t understand what you’re going through; it’s one of the most emotionally taxing moments of your life,” said Hair.

The attorney has long had a soft spot for victims of hurricane-related disasters. In fact, it was while volunteering in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina that he knew he wanted to move to the beautiful and historic — but ravaged — city.

Hair is devoted to taking care of his clients and holding their hands at each step of the journey, whether they have been victims of hurricanes, fires, or floods. He relieves the pressure of the near-daily dealings with the insurance companies to a large group of thankful clients.

The most recent natural disaster, Hurricane Ian, swept across much of Florida, leaving destruction in its path. His team setup in Fort Myers, FL, and caught a firsthand glimpse of the catastrophic damage caused by the storm. The mission remained the same, however, to help those in need.

“We stationed our ICHQ team at the American Legion Post in Port Charlotte, where we plated and distributed food to hurricane victims,” said Hair. “Many people had no home to go back to or were living in homes that were no longer suitable conditions. Their resilience in the face of this disaster was unparalleled and we were happy to have helped.”

A Booming Business

‘How many clients?’ you might be asking. Good question. Though it’s a highly specialized field and he only opened a few years ago, Hair has already assisted over 1,200 families and six churches get the settlements they need from insurance companies after their homes, properties, and possessions were damaged or completely lost.

Because he’s so busy, Hair has a team of experienced property casualty attorneys who also handle cases as they assist victims, collect evidence, go to trial, and get to the heart of disaster recovery.

“Our attorneys have extensive experience handling property casualty insurance claims, but our commitment to you goes much deeper. In addition to delivering top-notch legal representation, we strive to ensure your experience as our client is as smooth and transparent as can be,” said Hair.

He does admit that working for Insurance Claim HQ isn’t the cushiest job in the field of law. He and his staff members often travel the country, but they aren’t on team-building vacations or attending conferences. No, they are a foot-on-the-ground team visiting locations ravaged by disaster to find evidence for their trials and cases against massive, well-known insurance companies.

All for Fair Treatment

Though many cases have similarities, it never gets easier to hear people’s heart-wrenching stories. He noted that clients often say to him at the start of their dealings, ‘I didn’t know this could happen. I thought the insurance company was there to help me in an emergency,’ and he hates having to explain to them that, unfortunately, it’s not true.

“Your insurance company will not treat you fairly in many cases. It isn’t personal. It’s business. Profits drive most things these days. You can’t make money by paying out claims. You can plan for certain inevitable losses by calculating things like the rate of fires, but large catastrophic events change the actuarial tables and threaten an insurance company’s overall profitability. Moreover, the reality is that there is a machine built to adjust claims without much room for human empathy or compassion,” he explained.

To Hair, helping those who have suffered after a natural disaster is the least he can do to help. And this hurricane season, he’s ready for anyone that needs his assistance.

About Galen M Hair

Galen M Hair, Owner at Insurance Claim HQ, is a property insurance attorney who has helped over 1,200 families rebuild their homes and businesses. He has been rated a Super Lawyers Rising Star and voted one of the National Trial Lawyers Top 100. Click here to learn more about protecting your property from disaster:

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