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The cryptocurrency industry has seen another exponential boom in the last year, evidenced by the meteoric rise of Bitcoin, as well as other currencies. Blockchain technology has also become very popular and integrated in many aspects of finance, giving users an element of safety and assurance. NFT’s on the Ethereum blockchain have also risen to prominence of late, all signaling that cryptocurrency is here to stay, and expand in the foreseeable future.

Travis Bott is a thought leader in the crypto space, using his innovations to create extensive benefits for users of crypto, as well as furthering the adoption of Bitcoin, and other cryptocurrencies. Bott has established new methods for users of cryptocurrency to access a wide range of benefits and incentive programs when utilizing his groundbreaking new partnership.

Bott is integral in Bitcoin adoption and furthering the industry into the mainstream world by adding immense benefits and incentive programs for his users. He has established partnerships with many rewards providers that can be of great utility to his users. The collaboration between Bott’s company MLM venture and Lurra Life is a noteworthy example

Lurra Life’s My10k Life initiative urges people to walk over 10k steps a day, helping them increase their fitness and overall health, while providing access to number of rewards for those who can perform the initiative. Users can access rewards through the various reward partners in Lurra Life’s network.

In effect, users are funneled to Lurra Life, creating a channel for more business transactions between users and Lurra Life, as well as companies that are part of Lurra Life’s rewards program.

Bott’s creativity and ingenuity has propelled him to the forefront of the cryptocurrency industry, making him a key player in furthering the industry into mainstream society. Bott is also facilitating the arduous financial process that comes with conducting monetary transactions, as well as accessing money from different parts of the world.

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