Local pet company, Innovet Pet says they’re proud to have become the number 1 pet CBD brand worldwide. But hemp CBD wasn’t the thing they thought they’d become known for. Years before it was a thing, Innovet Pet was creating buzz with products that filled gaps missing in pet health.

So why the change, and how did it help Innovet’s hemp CBD become so popular? Well, it all has to do with Innovet’s love for their pets.

A Bittersweet Story

Like many, Innovet Pet’s founders, Matt Terril and David Louvet, were hearing a lot of extraordinary claims about CBD but thought it all sounded too good to be true. That all changed for them in 2016, after David’s bulldog Gordo had a bad reaction to his first chemo treatment for lymphoma.

“It was a tumultuous week,” says David. “Not only was Gordo desperately struggling, Matt’s 16-year-old Labrador, Maximus, had stopped eating and walking on his own. After relentless research, we kept seeing CBD, so we ordered some for Gordo.”

Sadly, the CBD didn’t arrive on time, and Gordo passed before he could try it. Determined to not let Maximus join him, the guys gave CBD to him. 30 minutes later, Maximus was up exploring Innovet’s warehouse and looking for the food bowl he previously refused to eat.

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Why Innovet Got Involved In CBD

In 2016, CBD for pets was in a hellish state with outrageous prices, shady ingredients, and companies that had no experience in pet health.

“Before us, only startup companies who knew little to nothing about pet health were creating CBD,” says David. “We started Innovet in 2005, more than a decade before commercial CBD existed.”

Innovet says their experience as a pet company gave them the ability to create a new CBD product specified for pets’ health. The brand focused on creating a CBD oil that avoided the issues they faced when looking for it, such as its high costs.

With Hemp CBD For Pets, Innovet Became The First Company To:

  • Make third-party lab testing (Certificate of Analysis) on all batches the standard
  • Create online support groups where pet owners can discuss how to use CBD
  • Bring science to CBD Dosage Guides when all others were filled with wild guesses
  • Create a CBD product that drove prices down, not up, ensuring all CBD brands had to be affordable and high-caliber to compete


In 2019, Innovet Pet remains one of the few pet CBD companies that control all parts of their products’ quality from farm to bottle.

Innovet says because they don’t want other pet parents to experience the hardships they faced, they remain committed to driving down prices on CBD, finding better ways to deliver it, and maximizing its quality.

While it all started with their PurCBD+ oil, Innovet now offers an extensive catalog of hemp CBD products from organic treats to daily supplements to anti-itch balms.

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