Innovating Bathtubs to Keep the Spark

Despite reaching an extraordinary level of success, wealth, and power; many people still tend to struggle discovering internal peace. Succumbing to this emptiness, those may find themselves experiencing restless nights, and sometimes even the loss of motivation to press on. Even with extreme dedication to their goals, it is difficult to acknowledge that something much deeper than wealth and power must be obtained to experience happiness. True joy is often found in a partner, and continual sparks are necessary to keep this romance thriving. After facing the many challenges life contains, a companion is of upmost importance to maintain the innate human motivation. Finding the person that will be there forever adds to ones achievements, as they push each other to work harder each day. While success in life is important, nurturing relationships with partners is not any less significant. Every person needs someone with whom they can share their successes, failures, joys, and all of life’s grievances. When this person is found, remarkable moments are experienced and sought after, those that will last throughout the duration of the relationship, and even after one passes. There are several ways to enhance romantic relationships, but choosing the most vital options in this limited life is the smartest approach. Ella’s Bubbles, the manufacturer of the first-ever and only walk-in bathtubs for two, is introducing a new way for partners to live out this fairy tale couples truly desire.

Amidst hectic schedules, it becomes difficult to find time along with your partner, and bathing is a human activity that will be experienced until the end of time. Ella’s Bubbles, headquartered in Chicago, United States, leveraged this fact to pioneer a two person walk-in bathtub, and therefore solved an ongoing lack of companionship. The company manufactured a walk-in bathtub for partners to spark romance in a new way. Their specialty product allows two people to experience a relaxing bath, while bonding and enjoying an inevitable moment that was previously experienced alone. Ella’s Bubbles has removed the isolation from bathing, and instead evolved this experience with the motive of strengthening emotional bonds.

Innovation in Bathtubs Leading to Improved Intimacy

Walk-in bathtubs have been in the picture since 1946, with numerous companies competing to improve these models by offering those with limited mobility the possibility of bathing without extra assistance. While these companies were restricted in evolutionary growth, Ella’s Bubble’s entered the market with an improved model in 2005. Laimonis Magone’s conceptualization of these bathtubs gained popularity by not only aiding in the practice of assisted bathing, but also introducing an opportunity for couples to improve their chemistry. Ella’s diverse customer group is comprised of those with physical limitations and disabilities, alongside those who seek a luxurious addition to their home.

There are three styles of two person walk-in bathtubs that Ella’s Bubbles has exclusively innovated. These include the Big4Two Walk-In Tub, Tub4Two Walk-In Tub, and the Companion Walk-In Tub. Each variety is assembled in Chicago Illinois with unique dimensions and therapy options, allowing consumers to choose their Walk In Tub in accordance to their needs and requirements.

Ella’s Bubbles, specializing in bathroom accessibility products, included a wide diversity of therapy packages into each of their unique custom designed walk-in bathtubs. The users of these bathtubs can benefit from various therapeutic options and enjoy an essence of customization with a range of exclusive add-ons. Some of the most desirable therapy options include: Hydrotherapy Massage, Independent Foot Massage, Air Jet Therapy Massage, and Infusion Microbubble Therapy. Couples, luxurious seekers, and those with limited mobility, can now experience a spa-like aura in their own homes.

Each of these Walk In Bathtubs are equipped with Dual Drain Technology, allowing you to exit the bathtub quicker by diminishing the wait time for water to drain. Ella’s Bubbles is not only recognized for offering the most affordable luxury walk in tubs in the market, but also for setting industry standards with the fastest gravity-driven drain in the industry.

Bathing itself is intended to be relaxing, and when conveniently enjoyed with a partner, the experience is enhanced beyond belief. Ella’s Bubbles is devoted to overcoming obstacles in the bathing industry, and does so again with their Two Person Walk In Bathtub models. The company continues to innovate in the walk-in bathtub industry with Laimonis Magone (SEO), Laima Magone (CFO), and Tanner Tattini (CMO), working to fulfill the gaps in the market. Their products are equally contributing to easing the lives of those with mobility issues, and evolving the bathing experience for anyone else seeking a non-traditional bathtub. This company is undoubtably taking the bathing industry a step forward by evolving a vital aspect of day-to-day life that has been left behind.

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