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People have been getting tattoos for thousands of years and various reasons. Whatever that reason might be, it has brought identity and created a sense of community all across cultures. Today, one app wants to launch that effort into the future by creating a digital platform and community for all tattoo artists and enthusiasts. That app is InkUs.

The concept began with the efforts and imagination of iconic tattoo artist Joe Ankave. For the past ten years, the artist has carved out a name for himself in the industry and has stood out for his fantastic work. The idea for InkUs came to him when he started spotting pain points in the industry that he wanted to solve. “I always wanted to be unique, make an impact, and change people,” shared Joe. “Over time, I looked for problems in the industry and realized that lots of clients want to get a tattoo, but they don’t know where to start.”

That became the starting point for Ink Us, a web-based and app-available service that provides two powerful search engines: one for tattoo ideas and another for available tattoo artists closest to an aspiring tattoo owner. The two searches solve two of the pressing challenges for people wanting to tell their story or express themselves through tattoos. Consequently, Joe Ankave has built a mechanism for people to express themselves in a specific, fast, and straightforward way using the Ink Us app.

With Ink Us, users can access various services and features, including search engines for available tattoo artists according to location, style, and other factors. People can also search for ideas and inspirations through categories. The app also provides ancillary services such as a community board where artists can check out events related to tattoo culture and art in their area and tips and guides for getting ready to get your very first tattoo.

Through the service, many artists have been able to get additional exposure and access a pool of clients that come to them armed with knowledge and inspiration. In today’s rapid evolution, the tattoo industry has pretty much remained in the past. Joe Ankave believes that it’s time that changed if tattoo artists want to succeed and grow business and creativity wise. “I want artists to be booked full time by quality clients, and also clients will know and get the tattoo they want in the fastest and easiest way possible,” shared Ankave. “My goal is to collect the most of the industry in the Ink Us app. All updates, artists and clients will communicate there.”

The twenty-seven-year-old artist out of Los Angeles, California, knows what it takes to grow a thriving tattoo business. His Neo-Japanese and Neo-Traditional works have become a sensation in his area as Joe often has fully-booked schedules in his parlor. He hopes to be able to help other tattoo artists experience the same fate. The Ink Us app is one central piece to his mission of leaving a mark in the industry.

The Ink Us app is now available for download for iOS users. To learn more about the app and get it today, check it out on Apple Store or visit the Ink Us website.

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