Inhype Sanctuary Medical Spa Brings Soulful Healing

With age comes wisdom, but not without the occasional wrinkles or gray hair. As we grow older, our bodies change, and our lifestyle adjustments can leave us feeling depleted and unhappy. We can also gain weight due to decreased activity, dietary changes, or experience the effects of hormonal fluctuations caused by menopause. As such, many consider aging as a process of deterioration. Inhype Sanctuary Medical Spa, a premier medspa services provider in Glendale, CA, Now has extended their presence to the very heart of West Hollywood, to accommodate the extensive list of their celebrity clients who live on the west side. Thus, making their coveted and unique treatments for Body and Soul accessible for a wider demographic. Weho Facility itself is a true state of art – proudly named ‘Residence Heaven” is built by celebrity contractor, who happened to be cofounder of InHype Sanctuary and Dr. Bykovs husband “J” Dmitriy Bykov – famously known for his one of kind, luxurious houses that now home A list celebrities like Beckhams, famous athletes and rappers all the way from Malibu to Beverly Park estates.

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The Inhype Sanctuary team specializes in a nonsurgical and more holistic approach helping people deal with the aging process through innovative treatments that work to smooth wrinkles, reduce age spots, or improve skin tone. They can also provide patients with non-invasive options for dealing with stubborn pockets of fat in different body regions, laser hair removal, dermal fillers, and Botox. The team uses a combination of methods to refine body shapes, reduce cellulite, improve skin structure, help with stretch marks and adjust individual areas to offer clients top-notch results.

We are here to help patients become a part of generation-skipping-facelifts!

For face remodeling and skin tightening, Inhype Sanctuary team uses Forma Skin Tightening, SkinPen Microneedling with PRP, Lumecca IPL Laser alongside with Their own developed Protocols for Morpheus8 Face and Neck called “ Golden Ratio Face Balancing Protocol” and showing off whopping results on their Instagram page.

For Body Remodeling, which they proudly hold Top Expert LPG Endermologie Provider status. They put up a real fight against cellulite providing clients with younger, more vibrant skin, smooth skin and flattering body shapes.

Multiple high-profile individuals have endorsed these highly effective methods, including Kourtney Kardashian, who swears by the Morpheus8 treatment.

The Inhype Sanctuary team is known to use the newest top tear equipment like EvolveX, LPG Endermologie, Morpheus8 Body, Lumecca IPL, SkinPen Microneedling and the Balancer Pro for body, but alway with their secret sauce “InHype Protocols” which makes their treatments extra efficient.

These methods have yielded stellar results for many clients, particularly those enrolled in the Inhype Sanctuary’s patented “Mommy Bounce Back” program. The program helps moms to get back in shape with light speed!  lose the baby pouch, reshape their bodies, tighten their skin, and bounce back to their pre-pregnancy status or even better. That contributed greatly to InHype sanctuary receiving the Top Expert LPG Endermologie Provider in California Status in 2021.

Despite the wins and growing notoriety for their innovative solutions, the Inhype team acknowledges that boosting your physical appearance is only one step in the wellness journey for new mothers and everyone else.

“At Inhype Sanctuary, we understand that it’s not just about physical wellness,” says Dr. Mariam Bykov, PhD in cognitive behavior analysis and Master of Syucai Numeric Psychology of International Academy of Spiritual Development and Innovative Technologies in Madrid. the spa’s founder and CEO. “It is about bringing a person to a place where they are balanced and can feel whole again.” The facility focuses on helping people rejuvenate their bodies and souls and restoring balance and harmony to people’s physical and spiritual lives. “People want to improve their appearance and health,” Dr. Bykov shares. “They want to transform their lives, and that’s what we help them do.”

A deeply spiritual person, Dr. Bykov knows that healing starts from within. She points out invisible scars are often the hardest to heal, mainly because no technology can reach the deepest recesses of your soul and help you achieve wellness. Dr. Bykov says a lifestyle and mindset change is necessary because unless you have inner harmony, it is difficult to sort things out based only on physical changes.

“Chakras are our energy centers,” she shared in an interview with Forbes Woman. Where she was on a Cover of December 2021 Magazine. “When your chakras start working properly, you are the one attracting what you desire.” Dr. Bykov believes there’s no limit to what you can achieve if you set your mind and direct your energy to it. “When you truly have a goal and you direct your energy toward it, it will definitely materialize, and life as we know it, changes.”

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