Influencer Sofia Taquet Shows Us Your Passion Can Be Your Profession

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Thanks to the growing popularity of social media, the world is positively inspired by various influencers. Every influencer follows a niche industry and adds some form of value to the lives of their followers, either directly or indirectly. Sofia Taquet is one of them who promotes a happy and healthy lifestyle. Being unapologetically honest about her lifestyle sets her apart from other influencers in this niche. She never fakes anything about her lifestyle or wears a mask to make everything appear perfect; no wonder this young influencer has amassed a whopping number of followers in a short while, and the number keeps climbing every day.

Sofia started her influencer journey in 2020 with Profession Management on Instagram. From zero, she scaled up her follower base to an impressive 230K in a short time. Since then, Sofia has loved being an influencer and has never looked back. Currently, Sofia is a young aspiring entrepreneur, besides being an accomplished influencer. She has a passion for music and film and has does some acting. Sofia also loves playing the guitar and piano.

As an influencer, Sofia enjoys being real and candid with her followers. She is a lifestyle and travel influencer who inspires people to live happy and fulfilling lives. With a dream to capture the world through her lens, experiencing new cultures and meeting new people, Sofia wants all her followers to live these experiences through her social media posts. Most of her posts are about her day-to-day life, which people can relate to because they are original and never scripted or crafted.

Sofia loves to engage with her followers daily on social media. She knows that’s how to stay connected with them and expand her reach on social media. That’s why she always drops questions in her posts on social media and tries her best to be responsive. This has remarkably increased audience engagement on her profile, which most influencers fail to achieve.

Being an avid traveler, Sofia never has a shortage of interesting content for her followers. She shares stories of wisdom and unique experiences as a globetrotter that help people shape their perspectives at different levels. Sofia teaches her followers things that she’s picked up on her travels. What interests her most is inspiring people to be genuine and stay true to their passion even if the world is against them.

Like all other social media influencers, Sofia has faced the ugly side of social media in the form of trolls and negative comments. Despite her posts oozing positivity about life, Sofia has faced hate from people. She was bullied for being passionate about travel, music, and acting and for choosing to be a lifestyle influencer. Initially, all this negativity was difficult for her to overcome. It affected her mental health, but soon Sofia overcame it.

Sofia realized that it was just part and parcel of an influencer’s life, and no matter what, she must go on. The comments that once bothered her now make Sofia more confident. She’s learned to embrace passion and differences in the face of all odds.

Sofia wants to continue being an influencer who inspires people with her lifestyle. She also dreams of producing music and recording her own album someday. Her goal is to visit less traveled places like Antarctica and Greenland so her followers can virtually experience the beauty of these places through social media. Her list of future accomplishments also includes launching a clothing brand and to continue acting. Sofia is a young influencer full of dreams and is on her way to inspiring millions.

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