Indy Blue Teams Up with Gal Media to Host Exclusive Lonely Ghost Event in West Hollywood with LA Influencers and Editors

Pairing up once again for an exclusive experience, dream team Lonely Ghost and Gal Media Group have outdone themselves by hosting an event that is surely something to be remembered.

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Guests gathered for brunch in the heart of West Hollywood this past Tuesday at the beautifully chic Gracias Madrerestaurant to celebrate the widely known streetwear brand, Lonely Ghost and its latest collections. Co-founder  Indy Blue joined forces with Gal Media, the PR agency founded by successful entrepreneur and CEO Jennifer Jaden, to make the event possible. Gal Media is one of the leading public relations agencies in the industry, known for their brand strategy consulting and, you guessed it, out-of-this-world events. Lonely Ghost’s newest collection Connect was the focal point of the event, giving insight about the launch’s personal and touching meaning.  Lonely Ghost’s Connectcollection is dedicated to continuing to emphasize ideals of connecting with oneself, to then be able to connect with the environment and all the beauty it has to offer. This inspiring message makes it even more special to be able to celebrate this launch while connecting with some of LA’s top editors, publishers and influencers.

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Attendance included admirable influencers such as Dai Time and Morgan Willett, TikTok star Jack Wright, and Editor in Chief of The LA Girl, Erika De La Cruz. The star-studded event brought all of these young entrepreneurs together to celebrate fellow influencer and entrepreneur Indy Blue, along with her incredible growth in the industry.

From influencer to entrepreneur, Indy Blue Severe is the name that started it all. After establishing herself as one of the first prominent influencers back in 2015, Indy Blue saw a million dollar opportunity within the apparel industry. Indyexperienced a point in time where social media and fashion were transitioning and realized that there was something missing from the industry that she could provide. That’s when Indy strategically launched Lonely Ghost. The brand is now a multi million dollar business that grew authentically and organically, on the basis of community. This is why an event such as Lonely Ghost and Gal Media’s collaborative celebration is so important. Connections that were made throughout everyone who attended are the reason that a community can grow into something beautiful and successful.

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As guests admired Lonely Ghost’s new collection, food and drinks were totally on-brand.. Cocktails were named after Lonely Ghost iconic past designs such as “I Love You Say It Back,” “This Song Reminds Me Of You,” and “Text Me When You Get Home.” Guests also had the privilege to enjoy the delicious food prepared such as coliflor, esquites, tacos, flautas and tres leche cake for dessert.

“This brunch was so exciting for me as a brand owner. I’ve never had an event like this with other influencers and editors, so it was a great opportunity. The drinks were amazing, the details were perfect and conversation was flowing. I was so stoked to share our new Connect collection with everyone. They loved it!” — Indy Blue, Co-Founder of Lonely Ghost

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The Lonely Ghost and  Gal Media event was an opportunity to bring creators together to admire each other’s hard work and support one another throughout their ventures. Giving an opportunity to spread the success of women-owned businesses is an important mission between each one of these companies. While partnering together, Lonely Ghost and Gal Media have shown a wonderful initiative of entrepreneurs supporting entrepreneurs in the fashion, editorial and PR industries. The event on Tuesday was certainly one to remember.

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