Indy Blue Founder of Lonely Ghost Gets Engaged to the Inspiration Behind “I Love You, Say It Back”

He Said It Back! Influencer and Founder of Lonely Ghost Gets Engaged to the Inspiration Behind “I Love You, Say It Back”

Indy Blue Severe, social media influencer and Founder of Lonely Ghost said YES (Her ring is absolutely stunning) to her long time on & off again high school sweetheart Jackson! You’ll want to watch their engagement video here – Full disclosure it had us in tears!

For a little more background on their love story and how it helped launch a successful clothing brand Loney Ghost, TradeMarked slogan “I Love You, Say It Back”, I provided more details directly from Indy below:

“Three years ago, I was on the phone with my on again/off again boyfriend. We were in our “off again” stage, which is an indicator of why I hung up the phone so abruptly on this particular night.

I couldn’t tell you what he said that made me so upset, but all I know is, he ended the call with an “I love you” and I replied with a “see ya!”

A mere three seconds after hanging up, my phone lit up with a notification. A text from Jackson. “say it back” I knew exactly what he meant. I didn’t say “I love you” before I hung up. And no matter where we were in our relationship…we took “saying it back” very seriously.

I texted back, “love you” because I was still feeling too petty for the full sentence, but it was a sweet moment. And a universal one, I thought.”

In just over a year, Indy and Bronson have grown their brand into a million dollar business, with their clothes worn by influencers and celebrities worldwide, including Addison Rae, Hannah Meloche, Pyper America and Summer Mckeen.

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