[Re: “The Day the Music Died,” by Randall Roberts, January 23] Indie, I was there from day one in December 2003. I remember hearing Nirvana’s “School” over your crackling frequency and thinking, “They’re actually playing THIS track, off THIS album?” I love you and I’ll miss you.

Posted by Jonathan Pacheco-Bell, Pasadena

I remember the first two or three days of Indie being on the air. Mark [Sovel] and I were in the Indie air studio and I asked him how he thought this whole thing was going to play out. He looked at me and said, “We just played [the Sex Pistols’] ‘Pretty Vacant’ on the air in L.A. It’s already been a fun ride!” And so it was.

Posted by Michael Steele, Hollywood

I loved it. I miss it. Where else could you hear the Screamers, David Cassidy and T.Rex all on the same station? It was the perfect soundtrack for driving around L.A. Please bring it back!

Posted by Zabird, Pasadena

True story: As my husband and I were driving from breakfast this morning, we stopped at a stop sign and allowed two guys to cross the street. As they crossed, I overheard one guy telling the other, “Did you hear about Indie 103.1? One day it was gone. That sucks.” I have never in my L.A. life heard random people on the street talking about any radio station.

Posted by Monique F., L.A.

It’s time to overthrow KROQ!

Posted by Tom, Claremont

I was really sad to hear about Indie because it was the best radio station in the history of radio stations. I would like to take this time and space to memorialize the morning show Dicky Barrett hosted. I used to set my alarm for 6 a.m. regardless of whether or not I had to get up, because I loved waking to Barrett’s gravelly East Coast voice. I learned SO MUCH by listening to his show. For real, I promise. Plus, who could forget Tat-Tuesday, the random phone calls from “Super Dave,” and the fact that Doug Benson would just sometimes drop in? Every single morning I laughed my @$$ off! Goodbye, Indie, and you were never forgotten, Dicky.

Posted by Alexia, L.A.

I used to live in Los Angeles, and via Internet I listen to this station a lot. It’s sad that we won’t have the same format. Indie 103 makes me feel I am still living in Venice Beach.

Posted by Juliana, Montevideo, Uruguay

I am seriously so upset by the loss of Indie 103.1. I never thought that I could become so invested in a radio station. Then I found Indie and couldn’t believe how they played exactly the music that I love. I depended on Indie to find new music too. I don’t even bother to turn on my radio anymore.

Posted by Ashley Lendzion, Santa Monica 


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