Quarantine is getting to us. Weeks upon weeks we’ve been confined to our abodes, so much safer at home that going to the grocery store feels like an illicit treat. Whether we are hunkering down alone or have the blessing and curse of being locked in with others, repeated daily rituals are starting to blend together and things are getting…weird. Desperate for relief from stress and isolation-induced depression, we began searching for ways to alleviate the negative mental and physical aspects of being kept inside so long.  Our search brought us to cannabis, which made us wonder where to find the best cannabis in L.A. Naturally, that search took us to Weedmaps. 

We had a chance recently to chat with their CEO, Chris Beals, about what the company is working on to make it easier for people to find cannabis products that meet their needs.

“More and more people rely on cannabis to serve their medical needs – whether it be for pain, feelings of anxiousness, or something else,” says Beals. “The COVID-19 pandemic has only heightened the sense of anxiety many are feeling and underscores the need for people to have access to cannabis when stress is at its highest.”

Cannabis is essential

With some states and cities opening up, a lot of folks still want to stay safe and stay in. You’ll be happy to know that cannabis is still considered “essential.” This means that the shops you know and love, including the gems you have yet to discover, are fully operational and health-code compliant during this pandemic. 

“Much like one would consider pharmacies essential during such a time, I’m glad to see that most state and local governments are taking the necessary steps to ensure access to their cannabis medicine,” Beals said. “While we still have a long way to go, this is an integral step in the right direction as we push towards better understanding and acceptance of cannabis and its medicinal properties.”

No longer sure if we are a hermit by nature or a hermit by nurture, we’re finding that we vastly prefer delivery or curbside service. In no way are we eager to stand in long lines, sweating in our masks and flinching at every cough. This is why we were happy to find Weedmaps, they just make it so easy to stay safe, sane, and stocked. 

How to find weed with Weedmaps

The ordering experience is seamless – through their app on your phone or on your computer – making it easier than ever to find the best cannabis in Los Angeles (or wherever you are, even our dispensary-barren hometown has multiple delivery services available on Weedmaps). 

“Unlike any other listing website, Weedmaps provides a platform on which licensed brands have complete control to mark which retailers are carrying authentic and safe products,” Beals explains. “Consumers can search and browse for brand verified products and see which products have been authenticated on retail menus. The end benefit of all this is that our brand verification program allows customers to have confidence that the cannabis products they are purchasing are authentic and compliantly lab tested.”

 We cannot begin to tell you how many times we’ve opened up a delivery app on our phone, then given up after having to go through so many steps. Or even worse, suffered through building our basket only to learn our order wasn’t actually available. We’re glad we live in a place that allows online ordering through Weedmaps. Their smooth ordering process made it easy for us to find what we wanted, purchase it safely, and most importantly: get it quickly (at least in our case). 

Supporting cannabis supports the economy

Whenever we order something, whether it’s for delivery or curbside pickup, we feel good knowing that our dollars are going towards keeping local workers employed and neighborhood shops open. Founded in 2008, Weedmaps has a long history of advocacy and partnership, helping local retailers reach consumers and build their business. The company quickly put initiatives in place to support local cannabis businesses during this unprecedented and challenging time. 

“Thanks to Weedmaps’ software enabling both curbside and in-store pickup and delivery, consumers have a safe and compliant way to purchase cannabis products,” shares Beals. “The WM Orders platform allows users to place orders online, digitally provide their ID, and get notified when their order is ready, ensuring that contact is minimized during the transaction, protecting customers, drivers, and retailers.”

Beals also told us that to help support retailers in keeping their employees and customers safe during this time, by distributing mask and sanitizer kits to retailers to distribute to their employees. 

Cannabis is an alternative to alcohol, pharmaceuticals

As we all know by now, the coronavirus can affect anyone, regardless of health, age, race, or fitness. A public health crisis such as this makes one conscience of what they put into their body now more than ever. Not wanting to ply ourselves with OTC medications that can harm the liver or kidneys and not desiring nor affording a daily drinking habit, marijuana and hemp-derived products, such as CBD salves and tinctures, are a natural alternative choice for relieving stress, dealing with pain or simply relaxing.

Options are everything. Weedmaps has among the largest selection of cannabis retailers in the industry, making it easy for us to compare stores and find the best prices on the products we are looking for. Weedmaps has spent the past 12 years building a community of cannabis consumers, patients, retailers, doctors, and brands.

While the pandemic is new for everyone, cannabis knowledge, support of local businesses, and a dedication to customer service is not new to Weedmaps — and it’s an important value in these times. 

Whether you’re new to cannabis, looking for information for CBD or cannabis beginners, or just want to get what you need while not having to leave your house, check them out at weedmaps.com 

Trust, us, you’ll be glad you did.

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