Improving Everyday Experiences – Natuzzi Editions Showcases Comfort and High-quality Designs at Shenzhen Creative Week

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Natuzzi Editions was invited to participate in the 38th Shenzhen Creative Week, jointly held from May 25 to 28 this year at Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center.

Natuzzi Editions focuses on comfortable-relaxed lifestyle sharing and consumer needs. The consistent natural comfort, high-end and uncomplicated design style of Natuzzi Editions’ products are an ideal fit for the theme of this exhibition, called “New Urban Life.”

To bring visitors to the Shenzhen exhibition hall a feeling of comfort and relaxation, Natuzzi Editions covered the floor with organic log slats, and platforms of different heights are designed along contour lines, so that the entire display area is full of layered levels that can be adjusted in individual areas. As you can see, the design principle of the exhibition hall follows the organic principle, and there are almost no sharp right angles throughout the exhibition hall, because the brand believes that only roundness can bring real comfort. These are ideal for highlighting new products.

The arc-shaped ceiling panels are combined with artistically placed soft film light boxes designed to give the whole space a smooth, clean, and bright feeling, creating a mood of freshness and happiness.

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Antonio Achille, the Chief Executive Officer of Natuzzi Group, said that it’s an exciting journey to be back in China after three years, and China has always been very essential to the Natuzzi Group. As the Chinese market is rapidly evolving, Natuzzi Editions wants to follow and lead the evolution, delivering Italian products with Italian taste but very contemporary and fitting into the Chinese consumer.

“We worked with the Chinese team to evolve the concept of Natuzzi Editions. We believe that a good brand deserves stability, and at the same time needs continuous improvement and growth. So we like to call it an evolution. Evolution is about people looking for a more comfortable home life or even their way of life. In today’s society, we spend more time at home, so people have a better understanding of self-feeling and expect to pursue better quality products to satisfy their way of life, which makes us become a global lifestyle brand.” said Cosimo Bardi, Chief Brand Officer of Natuzzi Editions.

Last year, Natuzzi Editions launched a series of Traveller Collection Sofas, including New York, Parigi, Singapore, Sydney, Roma, etc., which got excellent feedback in the market. “Traveller Collection is named after cities around the world, just as we are a global brand,” as Cosimo Bardi said, “It’s not just about telling a product story; our design team has been taking inspiration from the local architecture of each city and incorporating unique cultural elements into the design details of the sofa. The best-selling new product at the moment is the Macao Sofa, launched by Natuzzi Editions this year, which makes another grand appearance at this exhibition. So we started that by naming the sofa with the name of the city, not only to have storytelling behind this marketing content, but also because the design team has been taking some architectural inspiration from each of the cities and bringing elements to one of the details of the sofa.”

When Cosimo Bardi mentioned the Macao Sofa, one of its collections, he said it brought unforgettable comfort, powerful functionality, and soothed both mind and body. He hoped that when people use the sofas, they can have an immersive experience of the comfortable feeling when sitting or lying on it, which is the way of life that Natuzzi Editions wants to convey.

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The Traveller Collection was inspired by journeys. Sofas and armchairs inspired by different regional cultures have been designed to pay tribute to major cities around the world and reflect the international soul of Natuzzi Editions. In addition to the Macao Sofa displayed among the city impression series, the two most eye-catching new products are the Bruxelles Sofa and the Lima Sofa. The debut of these two sofa products has received a lot of attention and inspired much respect and love.

Rich in charm and rich in history, Brussels is a multicultural, vibrant and artsy city, where Art Nouveau facades alternate with 19th-century palaces and modern ornamental glass buildings. But nothing equals the majestic elegance of the Royal Palace —— one of the symbols of the city, to which the eponymous sofa pays homage.

The Bruxelles Sofa pays tribute to one of the symbols of the city – the majestic elegance of the Royal Palace. The black matte metal feet of the sofa are hidden in the armrests, reminiscent of the elegant and solemn columns on the palace façade.

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The unique style of Peru’s capital Lima’s urban architecture and the decor of its sinuous lines are the source of inspiration for the Lima Sofa, where the family could comfort in a party and sharing atmosphere. Meanwhile, the sofa is also functional and modular to meet the ideal needs of various life scenarios.

After striving to operate in the Chinese market in the past few years, Natuzzi Editions has many direct sales and distribution stores in China. As Cosimo Bardi said, our vision was behind whatever we present in a fair, in an event. There’s a lot of effort and a lot of study. We are a creative company, but we are driven by business. We are driven by numbers. We are driven by scientific approach. Natuzzi Editions attaches great importance to its business partners, hoping to share the management system of its Italian company with partners for practice.

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The brand is persistent in quality and technology research, which is also a solid competitive advantage in the current market. It will continue to work hard and develop more stores and services for the Chinese market.

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