Improve Your Personal Best With Better Breathing Sports

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There are many contributors to becoming an elite athlete, from training regimen to nutrition and diet. Your breathing ability, however, is often overlooked. Of course, athletes need to breathe to stay alive just like everyone else. The main difference is that the way an athlete breathes can make a sizable difference in their sporting ability. If you can perfect your breathing, you will be able to perform longer and more comfortably, both when training and competing. That’s why Better Breathing Sport is helping athletes improve their breath through their revolutionary new device.

The Better Breathing Sport device has been trialled by many athletes, including swimmers, runners and cyclists. With overwhelmingly positive reviews, the Better Breathing Sport device ensures athletes of all kinds, and ages, are better supported through optimised lung health.

One athlete that found considerable improvement thanks to the Better Breathing Sport device is world renowned soccer star, Tim Cahill. Since trialling the device, Cahill now incorporates it into his daily routine by using it before training to improve his capabilities.

So how exactly does the device work?

The Better Breathing Sport and Better Breathing Kids devices utilises an all-natural process that mimics 15-35 ‘mini coughs’. These mini coughs produce natural lung vibrations that improve lung hygiene clearance processes and increase lung volume. Through increasing lung volume, your body’s natural oxygen delivery system becomes optimised, allowing for oxygen to be more readily provided to the muscles as you use them. The Better Breathing Sports device has dual resistance settings controlled by changing the size of the ball bearing or ‘lung weight’ within the device. This allows for strengthening your lungs abilities just like you would train sporting abilities.

Additionally, the Better Breathing Sport device has a lot of benefits outside of improving your breathing. It improves energy levels as it increases the amount of oxygen energising the muscles. The increase in energy in the muscles helps to reduce the amount of lactic acid build up. This reduces recovery time as lactic acid is what makes you feel sore the next day. It also helps to improve sleep by cleaning out your lungs allowing for better sleep breathing patterns. A better sleep means you will have more energy to train and perform the next day. Not only does it have benefits for your health, it has many benefits for your wellbeing too. Improving your breathing technique is an important step in honing your meditation skills.

It’s time to take every part of your body into consideration when striving to reach your personal best. Don’t ignore your breathing technique any longer, shop the Better Breathing Sport range via their website, to up your game and progress your career.

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