Impersonator turned gamer vows to go all out for God of War

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From Robin Williams to Frank Caliendo, impression-based comedy has stood the test of time as a fan favorite. Few entertainers can accurately reproduce the entire likeness, down to every vocal nuance, of so many different characters. Like many other forms of content, TikTok has also provided a valuable platform for showcasing this specific style of comedy, resulting in a resurgence of creators in this niche.

Enter Timpressions, an “intimidating alpha male who just wants to be your friend while pretending to be other people”, per his bio – which checks out, given his uncanny Kratos-like appearance juxtaposed alongside a variety of impressions from Elmo and Kermit to Trump and Stewie. A streaming compilation video on his YouTube channel showcased a montage of voice impressions delivered in context of what was happening in the game, which we found particularly unique and entertaining.

We reached out to Tim for comment who had the following to share in regards to his experience creating content in this style:

“It really has been an unpredictable journey, from blowing up on mixer only for the platform to disappear, to experimenting with everything from YouTube to Facebook and of course Twitch. Ultimately TikTok has given me the best results and it’s the one platform I’ve truly gone viral on multiple times”.

Beginning on Instagram a few years ago, Tim said he was encouraged by the initial traction in terms of viewership and engagement, going on to credit this experience with his decision to dedicate more time to his passion by creating an entire brand. “I was genuinely excited to see some organic results since my marketing budget was practically non existent – it validated my hope that there was some real potential here if I could just get in front of a larger audience”.

After feeling like his progress stagnated on Instagram with little to no results from Facebook, Tim pivoted to TikTok where he soon had his biggest viral content to date. “It was such a magical feeling to finally break through that barrier. A dear friend pointed out to me that after running all the numbers, I’ve statistically made millions of people laugh all around the world. That feeling is indescribable”.

While Tim loves to create content for TikTok, he tells us streaming tends to be his favorite medium as it allows him to enjoy gaming while simultaneously entertaining viewers through impressions. In fact, to celebrate the new God of War release he vows to fully embrace his Kratos likeness with an in-costume 24-hour stream, offering cash rewards to viewers that cause him to break character.

In a highly competitive social media landscape where everyone is constantly vying for visibility, it’s always fascinating to learn more about the individual experiences of those in obscure yet proven niches. With the ever-changing algorithmic treatment given to different styles of content, it can seem impossible to know what works (or not) from one creator to the next. One thing is for sure, if you’ve ever cracked the code – you just might be onto something big.

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