Immersive Tech Redefines the Digital Space Through Immersive Entertainment

In this day and age, immersive virtual technology is switching things up. As a matter of fact, some entertainment companies have begun to integrate virtual and augmented reality in their systems, using this technological advancement to create a wide variety of innovative breakthroughs across the space. While some have utilized it to improve their strategies, others have used it to introduce a whole new ball game into the field, aiming to address certain issues worldwide. In the case of Immersive Tech, it seeks to establish immersive technology as a staple and get the world acquainted with new technology and new ways to interact with others. 

Set to build the physical Metaverse, Immersive Tech has established itself as an industry leader in Social Entertainment, Virtual Reality (VR), and Augmented Reality (AR) entertainment attractions. With its Hardware Platform UNCONTAINED and its Software Platform Uncontained/OS, the company helps its stakeholders build user experiences unmatched in realism, depth and immersion.  

Immersive Tech is a highly recognized industry leader in the realms of entertainment based in Vancouver, Canada. It takes advantage of today’s technological advancements and transforms them into sources of motivation and growth instruments.

Since its inception in 2016, Immersive Tech has always been focused on elevating the industry, particularly addressing significant issues throughout its lifetime. It offers a wide variety of virtual reality and augmented reality entertainment attractions that provide a user experience that is unmatched and carve a path for people towards a healthier lifestyle. With its innovative hardware platform called Uncontained, Immersive Tech sets the bar high among industry players worldwide.

Passionately created to transform people’s lifestyles for the better, Uncontained is the first-ever, hyper-immersive, six-player VR attraction that is currently making significant strides across the digital space. Dubbed as the “physical portal to the Metaverse,” this trailblazing platform offers a user experience that is unmatched in terms of realism, depth, and immersion, enabling users to enter into a whole new world. “We are making the Metaverse real,” shared the company’s spokesperson.

From its audio system and haptic technology to its scent effects and wireless experience, Uncontained gives players a fully immersive experience that is both brilliant and out-of-this-world, allowing the players to carve and define their story on their own. With this exceptional platform, Immersive Tech is on its way to materializing its vision of a more active society in the years to come.

Apart from these stellar offerings, more can be expected from Immersive Tech in the coming years. Armed with big plans, it aims not only for its brainchild, Uncontained, to transform into a household name but also to revolutionize the space and promote health and wellness around the globe. The parent company, Fantasy 360 Technologies, is also a publicly-listed company with its stock available to investors who would like to own a piece of the company.

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