I’m Happy That I Could Translate My Passion into a LifeLong Career: Side Logic

Imagine if you were able to do something you love and earn money from the same! Many of us may think it’s not possible, or only in rare cases, such dreams become a reality. But Side Logic, a prolific YouTube streamer from Australia, has translated his hobby into a life-long career. 

He got tremendous fame and popularity in no time, making him one of the most prominent faces in the gaming niche.  

“I had a strong inclination towards video games and YouTube. As a child, I would spend a lot of time playing video games without any break. I enjoyed every bit of it. As I moved to high school, I realized online gaming was my passion. It’s something without which I can’t imagine my life. Today, looking back, I feel I made the best decision of my life. I’m happy that I could translate my passion into a lifelong career. I want every person to choose a profession in which they are inherently passionate. After all, you will spend your entire life with the profession you choose. So take your decision wisely. Don’t choose something just because your loved ones feel so,” Side Logic explained.  

Side Logic faced a big problem when his dad wanted him to continue his studies, but Side Logic wanted to pursue his passion. The ensuing disagreements saw him leave the house, embarking on a new path. But Side Logic was resilient. He knew that he could accomplish a lot more in life if he followed his true passion. And there was no looking back for him. He started adding more and more feathers to his cap, making his presence felt online.  

“When I look back, I feel it was the right decision to go on with my gut feelings. I am innately passionate about online gaming and YouTube. I guess if you remove these things from my life, I would be incomplete,” Side Logic said.

Side Logic gave everything to his passion. He watched and analyzed hundreds of YouTube videos before successfully carving his niche in this field. He wanted his viewers and fans to understand the complex world of online video games in simple terms. If you watch his channel, you’ll realize his hard work behind simplifying various things for his fans in lucid language. 

“I worked in a real estate sector for a few months and performed quite well in those days. You would be amazed to know that I was one of the top real estate performers in Melbourne and Victoria at that time, but I was destined to become a gamer. My hobby showed me the right path. Right now, I am earning money, getting widespread popularity, and also able to do something, which I love. I wouldn’t have been able to realize my true potential had I chosen any other job,” Side Logic sighed.   

Today, Side Logic has several fans and followers on his various social media profiles like GFuel, Aftershock, Facebook, Twitch, YouTube, and TikTok. 

Interestingly, one of his videos on Call of Duty fetched him over 5-million likes and was also featured on ESPN. 

“I am grateful to everyone who supported me in pursuing my passion. I am also happy for my distractors and critics, who always kept me on my toes, inspiring me to do my best all the time. I wish everyone to stay happy and passionate about things they love. After all, all of us have got only one life to prove our full potential,” Side Logic concluded.

For more information, follow Side Logic on Twitch, YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, or Discord.

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