Hi, my name is Michael and I’m a Gulf War Veteran. And I’m writing this open letter to LA Weekly because I’ve now used over 20 different CBD brands… And NONE of them worked.

However, the 21st time was the charm, because it FINALLY helped relieve many of my health issues, including pain, sleep and anxiety (I’ll explain why the 21st attempt worked in a minute).

So if you’ve tried CBD but it DIDN’T work… Or if you’re on the fence, thinking of giving it a shot – please read my open letter first!

Because unless your CBD oil has a specific mechanism – there’s a good chance it won’t work!

You see, before I discovered CBD oil that worked for me… I struggled with sleep for over 25 years. And as an aftermath of the Gulf War – I’ve also been suffering from leg and back pains – and aches across my entire body.

At night, I often battled with anxiety. My mind would race a million miles a minute. And the pain didn’t help either. As a result, I’d often be tossing and turning all night long.

I didn’t want to turn to conventional medicine because I’d heard all the bad side effects people would experience. So in my search for alternate methods, I discovered CBD.

Naturally, when I heard all the wonderful things CBD could do for my aches, anxiety and sleep problems… I was excited to try it!

But my excitement didn’t last….

Because after I ordered my first CBD oil, I didn’t feel any changes at all.

But I didn’t want to give up because I kept hearing how CBD was working for others.

So I kept trying different CBD brands – searching Google, Amazon and my local stores. Eventually, I’d experimented with 20 different CBD oils – and NONE of them worked!

Frustrated, I was at my wits end and ready to give up.

I didn’t know why, but for whatever reason… CBD wasn’t working for me. Maybe it was a problem with my body.

At the same time, I knew this was unlikely. Because I learned that all humans have an Endocannabinoid System (ECS)… And CBD helps bring the ECS back into balance, which then helps manage pain, anxiety and sleep.

So I kept searching through the internet to find out WHY CBD works for some folks, but not for myself (and I learned, many others).

This journey led me to find an article by a brand called SOL*CBD. It was a small, family owned business – run by a husband and wife team, Larry and Oksana.

But they had a 10 year track record in holistic health and alternative medicine… And their community had very quickly grown to more than 90,000 people!

You see, their article explained that not all CBD products are made equal.

And I learned the ROOT cause behind why CBD wasn’t working for me (and many others)!

Turns out, 99% of CBD oil gets taken orally. And when that happens, the CBD has to go through our digestive system. And since our stomach acid is strong enough to melt steel… Much of the CBD gets digested away before it can even get into the bloodstream!

For folks who don’t need a high dosage of CBD, this generally isn’t a problem.

But for me (and many others), who need a LARGER dose of CBD… It wouldn’t work because the vast majority of the CBD was getting digested away! In other words, I wasn’t getting enough of it into my bloodstream to notice a difference.

But luckily, after joining SOL*CBD’s email newsletter… I learned how this could be fixed!

This problem of CBD getting digested away could be solved with something called “liposomes.”

But not just any old liposomes.

It needs to use a specific liposomal technology called “CELLg8” lipid delivery.

This is a patent pending process and has been shown in clinical studies to be more effective than regular liposomes.

You see, CELLg8 liposomes are little oil bubbles that surround the CBD and act like a protective shield.

So when your CBD is encased like this, the CELLg8 liposomes act like a “bubble wrap” to protect the CBD from digestive fluids.

Imagine it like covering a sandwich (CBD) in an airtight ziplock bag (the liposome). So when the whole thing is dropped in water (stomach acid) – the sandwich stays dry!

In the same way, CELLg8 liposomes do just that and protect the CBD from digestive fluids.

And when tested in clinical settings, CELLg8 liposomes have been shown to increase absorption by up to 20 times more than regular supplements!

As an additional benefit – I also learned our bodies actually prefer to absorb nutrients in CELLg8 liposomal form.

Because in their newsletter, SOL*CBD explained that our bodies view liposomes like mother’s milk.

Here’s what I mean:

Back when we were breast-fed milk as infants – the nutrients inside the milk are encased in little fat bubbles.

Basically, liposomes “mimic” this effect by surrounding the CBD and encasing it in a bubble (in essence, it’s like “tricking” our bodies into thinking CBD is like mother’s milk).

And because it does this… Our bodies recognizes the CBD as nutrition and absorbs it at a larger scale!

That’s why when tested in clinical settings, Liposomal CBD had up to 20x higher absorption than regular supplements.

Naturally, I ordered the Liposomal CBD immediately and my package arrived within a few days.

After taking SOL*CBD’s products, I immediately noticed I was sleeping better within just 2 days of taking it! You know, I had basically forgotten what a good night’s sleep was like.

And after a week of taking it consistently, my leg and back pain basically disappeared. I was also less irritable and in a much better mood. And because I was getting good sleep, less anxious and without pain… I felt more and more like my old self!

Now you might be wondering about my dosage. I personally use it 3x per day (which is around 15mg of CBD). And I’ve found this to be the optimal amount for me.

All in all, SOL*CBD has given my life back!

That’s why…

I highly recommend trying SOL*CBD’s Liposomal CBD, as you can try it without risking a penny!

If you’re suffering from pain, anxiety or sleep issues like I did…

You owe it to yourself to at least give their Liposomal CBD a try.

They use 100% ethical sourcing of their CBD. It’s also full-spectrum and they only use ZERO heat extraction methods (which ensures the nutrients stay intact).

Best of all, you can give their Liposomal CBD a “test” run because they offer a 60-day satisfaction guarantee.

Honestly, giving it a try when you have nothing to lose, but everything to gain (in terms of your health) seems like an easy choice to me.

Oh and a quick tip – if you join their email newsletter, they’ll give you an extra 20% off your first order too!

So you won’t even have to pay full price. And you’ll learn tons more about CBD when you’re a part of their newsletter.

Get your 20% off with promo code LAWEEKLY !

Getting the right CBD has changed my life forever. I hope you’ll take the leap of faith too!


Gulf War Veteran


LA Weekly