By Catherine Downes

Identity Festival recently kicked off its 20-city tour of the United States, and it comes to Hollywood Palladium this Sunday. We talked to many of the biggest name performers and asked them a simple question:

Why should anyone come to see your set?

Steve Aoki: If you know my music and you like my music, that's the number one reason, because everything else is all based around that. I'm playing all my records, I'm playing a lot of new songs. And now, specifically, on this tour, I'm doing my new live show. And this live show is such a big deal that I can't really bring it out on any other shows. So the only time you can actually see this live show is on this tour. My bus alone is full of technicians; I got visual, I got production, [I got] structural technicians. It's like a big ordeal. I spent a lot of time and money to make sure the end outcome is epic.”

Andy Butler (Hercules and Love Affair): “We are a really unusual and extremely festive act. The voices involved are super powerful, and these kids know how to dance and party. So if you want some lessons, I would come and learn. We have a really powerful sound that doesn't let up, and it is magic when we play music. So come give us some love!”

Tony Laurencio (Afrobeta): “Because we're gonna change the way people perform electronic music. We're risky and aren't afraid of making mistakes.”

Nervo: “People should come to our set at Identity so they can A.) hear a bunch of new music we've been working on, and B.) get crazy to some house music!”

Jessie And The Toy Boys: “There will be hands in the air. If you like to shake your ass and have a good time then come catch us.”

Le Castle Vania: “Everyone should come check out my set at ID because I plan on bringing a high-energy performance and a unique blend of hard-hitting, bangin' indie and electro vibes.”

Figo: “We'll be previewing tracks from the upcoming album release — Put It All On Black is out August 30th on iTunes — and dropping a few recent remix projects we just completed. The Identity Tour has been a blast so far. Even though we are playing on the early side, the kids are still coming out and raging. Our set in Holmdel was in the middle of a monsoon, but still a few hundred people at like 2 p.m. in the afternoon.”

Marshall Barnes and RioTGeaR speak below.

Marshall Barnes: “I play various types of music and it's all on the fly. I'll go hard electro to hip-hop to dubstep. But none of that top 40 shit will be played during my set!”

RioTGeaR: “I think that people should try to watch a bit of everyone at Identity. That's what a festival is all about. There are many artists with different styles. Every set has a different vibe. Why should people come see RioTGeaR? If you like tech house and techno then you should come jam out.”

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