iCream is revolutionizing frozen dessert delivery through Its self-service vending machine

Screenshot 2022 11 01 at 10.17.47 AM Ice cream is well-loved by many, and every day, ice cream makers and sellers are working on improving service delivery. Among the numerous food-based technological advancements helping ease the business processes is iCream, a startup company that ups the game by offering its self-service vending machine for ice cream and frozen yogurt.

Founded by Matevos Kaleshian, iCream came to life after years of testing different business concepts. According to him, it took him and his partner seven years to get the tech right and now, it has become a game-changer in the world of ice cream with its ten locations all over Southern California. “You can get your ice cream in 30 seconds right in front of your eyes,” Keleshian said.

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iCream is shifting the ice cream-making process from the scoop method typically delivered by attendants to one that allows users to serve themselves and take their ice cream from a self-service vending machine. In addition to the existing ten locations that iCream currently has, plans are underway to set up two more units of its wedding machines at the Ontario International Airport and hundreds of units at a dozen other airports nationally and internationally.

From a business angle, iCream has proven to be a worthy investment as Matevos Kaleshian has revealed that the startup’s vending machines have a potential yield of twelve times the revenue of an average vending machine. The company also joins the league of other food companies that have switched to vending services to deliver food items like cupcakes and pizza.

Despite being a young company, iCream’s moves and achievements thus far have been audacious. Profits soared for the company when it signed a deal in collaboration with renowned ice cream brand Pinkberry to offer its frozen yogurt. “I tried out one of the eye-catching machines at Westfield Topanga, and that was it for me,” Kaleshian said.

iCream’s operations have been made as simple as possible and were inspired by Kaleshian’s experience of perfection when ordering ice cream from other places. He made his brand’s operations equally seamless, as customers order on a touch screen where they choose the type of toppings they want on their dessert. Then, a cup shows up under the dispenser, soft-serves the ice cream, and slides over for the sauce and any toppings. “Once the sliding door opens, you can retrieve your treat. There’s even a folded-up spoon tucked under the cup,” Kaleshain explained. iCream also takes pride in keeping its machines cleaned and serviced daily.

Despite these heavy leanings toward automation, iCream aims to provide employment for as many people as possible. He believes automation will not lead to massive job losses but rather provide higher-paying jobs (such as technicians) and opportunities for more business owners to build profitable businesses.

 “We are thinking long-term and want to see budding entrepreneurs thrive. With our business model, anyone can step into the business world, and we expect that our success will open more doors for other entrepreneurs looking to achieve success too. iCream is an impactful brand, and we are committed to keeping it that way across the board for not just our customers but other business owners,” Kaleshian says.

Recently KTLA 5 news reporter Rich DeMuro also covered the iCream machine during one of his recent signature ‘Rich On Tech’ segments, where he tried a sample from the pinkberry machine and explored the function of it. To learn more about the fascinating and futuristic machine, be sure to check the official iCream website (iCream.biz).

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